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Come and meet the staff at our school!

Meet Our Staff!

Mrs Wathan. Executive Headteacher.
Mrs Cope. Assistant Headteacher.
Mrs Newland. School Clerk.
Mrs McKeon. HLTA, Attendance Champion.
Mrs Thomas. SLT, Year 3 Class Teacher.
Mrs Smith. SLT. Year 6 Class Teacher.
Mrs Long. SLT. Reception Teacher.
Mrs Jones. Year 2 Class Teacher.
Miss Lewis. Year 1 Class Teacher.
Mrs Jones. Year 4 Class Teacher.
Mr Stickler. Year 5 Class Teacher.
Miss Farmer. LSA.
Miss Redman. LSA.
Miss Jones. LSA.
Mrs Owens. LSA.
Mrs Jones. LSA.
Mrs Noonan. LSA.
Mrs Caviell. LSA.
Mrs Lewis. HLTA.
Mrs Evans. LSA.
Mrs Thomas.
Mrs Terrett. HLTA, ELSA,  Thrive Practitioner
Mr Williams. Caretaker.