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Week commencing 8th March

Good morning Year 3,

I am delighted to say that this is my last overview for home learning - YIPPEE!  Next Monday - we will all be sitting in the same room together - our classroom!  Who's excited?  


This week is British Science Week and most of the activities will be based on science  - you are going to become investigators and learn about your teeth!  We will only be having 1 check-in this week, as tomorrow, to introduce Science Week - we will be enjoying our third virtual session with an outside agency - this time Dwr Cymru!


Here is our final week of online learning - 

1) Monday at 10am - Dwr Cymru virtual visit through TEAMS.
Short cut link -


2) Tuesday at 11am - Maths live lesson - place value.
Short cut link -


3) Wednesday at 11am English live lesson - writing a formal letter of appreciation to Ben or Louise to thank them for their interesting session.
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4) Thursday Check - in 1 - After every storm comes a rainbow!


5) Become language investigators by exploring the meaning of the word 'innovate' by using the Frayer Model.


6) Become dental experts by labelling the different types of teeth we have.


7) Have some fun completing the teeth crossword.  It would be helpful to complete the other tasks first to give you new knowledge.


8) Think before you drink - time to explore the sugar content of drinks you might enjoy.  What are your predictions?  Record the data using the Google Docs and then transfer your results to 2Graph on Purplemash.


9) Time to investigate!   Egg shells are very similar to the enamel on our teeth. We are going to investigate what happens to our teeth when we drink sugary drinks.  Choose 4 different drinks to investigate and compare when you place a hard boiled egg in each liquid.  (Use water for 1 of your liquid choices).  What do you think will happen to the eggs?  Why?  Plan your investigation first after reading the powerpoint.  Record your daily observations for 5 days.  Complete the investigation by recording your conclusions.


10) Take part in the British Science Week competition - 'Innovating the Future'.  What ideas do you have for inventions?  You might want to link it to our work on teeth e.g. create a better toothbrush.  You may want to create a different vehicle for transportation etc.  The choice is yours and the ideas are endless.  You have plenty of time to complete this task!


I am so proud of each and every one of you!  Let's have a great week together!  I will see you at 10am.  Don't forget to bring paper, pencils and your beautiful smiles to our sessions.

Dw i'n caru ti
Mrs Thomas xx