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Week commencing 8th February

Good morning Year 3,


I hope you are all well and are looking forward to our last fun week of learning at home before half term! 


This half term has been brilliant - you are all amazing individuals and have adapted to online learning with ease and enthusiasm.  You continue to make me so proud of they way you are working and the work you are completing. I can see how hard you are trying!   I cannot wait to welcome you all back into our classroom!


Remember, if you are unable to complete all tasks - that is absolutely fine, please don't worry about it - just do your best as you always do! 


Even when tasks are completed using other methods - please click on 'Turn In' as this will / should prevent your work from becoming 'missing'. Even though tasks are set on Google - you can always choose other methods to complete your tasks!


This week our live lessons and check-ins are on -
Monday - Check-in 1 at 11am
Tuesday - Maths at 11am
Wednesday - English at 11am
Friday - Check-in 2 at 11am - Time for a quiz!


If you are proud of something you have made please bring it along to our check-ins to show and tell.


Nearly all tasks this week will be released today so you can pick and choose when to do them - (there is no need for them to be completed in a certain order). The only tasks to be scheduled will be your follow up activities from your live lessons.


Remember to spread your tasks out through the week by doing other fun things in between e.g. reading a book, enjoying yoga or physical exercise, going outside for walks etc and having plenty of breaks from screen learning.


Your tasks

1) Sense and Sensibility  - What do you know about senses?  What the video clip attached to remind you about your senses.  I want you to rank the senses according to how important you think they are.  There are no wrong answers.  1 - is the most important. 2, 3 and 4 are the senses you think are of equal importance but not more important than number 1.  5 is the sense you think is least important.


2) Internet Safety Day  - you have the right to be safe! Article 19.
Tuesday 9th February is Internet Safety Day.  
I want you to watch the video set on the Purple Mash 2Do - Meeting up with a gamer and I want you to write advice - what should Tony do?  

I know how sensible you all are so you should have plenty of advice to keep Tony safe.


3) As part of our study into Wales including welsh heritage, welsh people and sports etc, swimming was the sport selected for Year 3 to create a document using an online platform - Google Slides.  

You are going to build up a Google Slides document with different tasks every week.  When this week's task has been TURNED IN and returned - it will be stored on your Google Drive (with all your other tasks). Make sure you give it a simple name so you will be able to identify it on your drive e.g. Mrs Thomas' Swimming Slideshow etc.  At the moment it is called Swimming.  You will need to access this in future weeks to build on the amazing work you are doing. 

This week's tasks are 
* to design your front cover - make sure it links to swimming and Wales and has a title including your name.
*on your second slide- I want you to describe your experiences of swimming - this page is all about you.  You can add photos and text to tell me about how you feel and what you can do in the water.
*on your third slide - I want you to describe the health benefits of swimming.

Don't forget to give each slide a title - you can make your background and font look exciting too!


4) Complete the swimming crossword.


5) Cyfarthfa Castle creative task - Create paintings / sketches / 3-d models based on how Cyfarthfa Castle looked in the past and what is planned for the castle with the new development in the near future.  (Have fun choosing your own method of recording).

You can use websites,  photographs or paintings of Cyfarthfa Castle to give you clues on how it looked in the past.  

Click on the link about future developments to give you ideas on how Cyfarthfa will will look in the future.  


6) The Great British Bwyd Off!  Hello budding bakers!  You have a really fun task today - you will create a menu for your new cafe.
Follow the powerpoint that will introduce new vocabulary of food and drinks in Welsh.  I have also attached a word mat to give you more ideas.  Use the vocabulary to plan your cafe menu using the 2Do set on Purple Mash.  (You could also make a real life menu on paper).

You will need to include the welsh words for the food and don't forget to add the price too!  You can always change the headings that the 2Do has set for yo u.
Pob hwyl!!


7) Live lesson English follow up task linked to leaflets.


8) Live lesson English follow up task linked to leaflets.


9) Live lesson Maths follow up task - interpreting a pictogram.


10) Live lesson Maths follow up task - extracting data from a table.


11) Life Skill Challenge - You are already really grown up in so many ways Year 3 and make us proud every day!  Your life skill activity this week will be to create a healthy snack. You may want to create a fruit salad, a sandwich, yogurt with fruit etc.   Make sure you have some adult help if you are using anything that could harm you.  Enjoy and have fun!


Exercise and fresh air is really important Year 3. You could also do some Cosmic Yoga or Joe Wicks activities. If you complete any other forms of learning please let me know through photos or messages etc.


Don't forget to have breaks between your tasks, drink lots of water, eat some healthy snacks and spend time laughing with your families.

I am so proud of you all and am missing you all so much!
I shall see you at 11am for our first check-in!
Love from
Mrs Thomas xx