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Week commencing 4th January

Here are some fun activities that you can do at home this week.

1) Today - Wednesday 6th January is known as the Feast Of the Epiphany
Epiphany is celebrated 12 days after Christmas and is the time when  we remember the 3 Wise Men (Kings) who visited Jesus. Read through the powerpoint attached to remind you of the story.  

I want you to think about the type of person that Jesus was and the qualities he had that made him so special.


Watch the YouTube video clip to help you think about - what gifts could we ALL give to Jesus today that you cannot buy e.g. kindness, love to others, helping one another etc.  

Create a gift tag label for Jesus to explain the meaning of the gift you want to give him.  E.G.  Dear Jesus, I give you the gift of compassion because it is important to show love and care for others so they pass it on.  


You can create your own gift label at home using card and pictures or use Google Drawings.  If you choose to use Google Drawings - you can either insert a gift tag from images or draw one yourself.  Then you will need to insert your message to Jesus using insert text box and typing your message.


2) Compare and contrast old and new traditions in Wales.  Read the powerpoint about traditions in Wales and complete the table on Google Docs.  You may like to make your own perllan too - you can adapt with things you can find in your garden or home. 


3) Read the story Too Much Chocolate assigned to you on Giglets.  An adult can help you with any tricky words - but remember you can use all your reading strategies to read yourself, including using pictures, chunking words, Fred talking, read the rest of the sentence and go back to attempt the tricky word etc.   


4) Complete the activity assigned to you on Giglets based on Too Much Chocolate - you will need to keep using the text to find the answers to the Higher Order Thinking Skills questions.



5) Use Purple Mash 2Publish - Full Picture Set2do to write about your favourite Christmas gift or memory.  I would like you to add text, image and sound.  Remember to include a description of the gift or memory, who else was there and explain how it made you feel.  I think if I had to choose my favourite memory I would choose my first Christmas with my first puppy Pepe - he bounced all over the presents looking for his own.  It was so much fun and made me feel so excited for him. I didn't even mind that he had opened most of my presents for me!


6) Maths games have already been set on Purple Mash and Mathletics - adding and subtracting.


7) Read the Powerpoint about New Year. I have attached a Google Drawing for you to record your New Year's Resolution.  What do you want to get better at? Is it something in school, at home or somewhere else?  


Take care and I miss you all so much.  Don't forget to keep in touch through photos, emails and comments.
Lots of love from Mrs Thomas xx