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Week commencing 22nd February

Hello Year 3,
I hope you are all feeling well and have enjoyed your half term break.  I have missed you all so much and I cannot wait to catch up with you this week!  I look forward to hearing about the great fun you've had making new memories with your families!  


Just to remind you that today (Monday) is an INSET day so there will be no check-in session today.  Some tasks are released but there is no expectation for you to begin your tasks until Tuesday.


Our other lessons will continue as normal - plus we have a treat on Thursday with an extra lesson led by a fantastic historian from Cyfarthfa who will tell us all about Merthyr's history - I know you will love this session.


Maths session at 11am on Tuesday.
English session at 11am Wednesday.
*Live local history lesson -  at 1.30-2.30pm on Thursday  - led by historian*. 
Check - in session 2 at 11am Friday.


These are your tasks for this week - 
1) Continue building your Swimming Google Slides document.  So far you should have;
-  designed your front cover page
- described your experiences of swimming (you can add photos etc)
- described the health benefits of swimming.


On your next slide I want you to research and present information about the different types of strokes used in swimming and also information on the different events in competitions.

To complete the final slide I want you to research and present information on Welsh swimmers - you can add text and photographs all about these Welsh athletes.


2) Complete the Purple Mash Mashcam 2Do activity - describe what it is like being a world champion swimmer.  Describe how you felt, how long you trained, details on the event you have just won etc.


3) Learn all about St. David by reading the powerpoint.  You may want to buy / make some Welsh cakes, listen to some Welsh music and celebrate learning about our Patron Saint of Wales in preparation for March 1st.  I have attached the recipe for Welsh cakes if you want to make them.


4) Have fun as 'History Detectives' - create your own thaumatrope.


5) In preparation for our live local history session on Thursday - think of questions that you would like explored during our session.  You could ask general questions about the Castle, the Crawshays, the Ironworks, living and working conditions etc. You can use the Google Docs or write out your questions on paper.


6) Live local history lesson - log into TEAMS on Thursday 1.30pm - 2.30pm.  Have  your questions ready incase you want to ask the historian.


7) Learn about the bones in the human body and build and label your own skeleton.  Use the powerpoint and video clips first to learn about the names and location of the bones.  I have also included some pictures of skeleton models - but I'm sure your skeletons will be amazing!


8) Stone Soup - listen / read the story called Stone Soup - this has a very important message! Answer the questions orally on the powerpoint.  I want you to create your own 'stone soup' describing how Jesus wants us to treat others.  E.g. a tablespoon of ...generosity, a cup of love etc.  You can write out your 'Stone Soup' or act it out.


9) Live lesson follow up English task - to recognise facts and opinions.


10) Live lesson follow up English task - to create your leaflet persuading people to visit Cyfarthfa Castle and Park.


11) Live lesson follow up Maths task - to find the perimeter of shapes.


12) Complete the assigned shape and perimeter activities on Mathletics.


I can't wait to see you all on Tuesday at 11am for our first session together!  Until then take care of yourselves and your families and see you real soon! 


Love from Mrs Thomas xx