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Week commencing 1st March

Bore da Blwyddyn Tri,
Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus!  Happy St. David's Day to you all!  


We have another great week of home learning to look forward to and I look forward to receiving your tasks and photographs.  From week 1, I have been incredibly impressed by all your efforts with your tasks and how enthusiastic you have been online in our live sessions - hopefully we will all be back together soon in our classroom!  Until then, let me share some information with you about our sessions and tasks for this week.


Monday at 11am - Check-in 1 St. David's Day - please come dressed in Welsh colours (red, green or white) / costume and celebrate our Patron Saint of Wales.


Tuesday at 9.45am Discover art with the National Museum Wales.
Tuesday at 11.30am Maths live session.


Wednesday at 11am English live session.


Thursday at 11am - Check-in 2 World Book Day.  Come dressed as a book character and bring your favourite story book along to our session.


1) Follow - up St. David's Day tasks will be released during our live session at 11am.


2) Be a Welsh Wonder - complete the Google Forms quiz - how well do you know St. David?


3) Read the Welsh myth of the Lady of the Lake and complete the word search based on words linked to the story.  Will you find all the words?


4) Be crafty and creative - create a diorama based on a scene from the Lady of the Lake myth.  You could choose to create the scene out of Lego or you can use a range of household materials (including recycling) to build the scene inside a box.


5) Follow up Maths live lesson task - multiplication and division facts.


6) Complete Mathletics tasks to support your learning of multiplication and division facts.


7) Follow up English live lesson task - using the Frayer Model to explore vocabulary.


8)  Follow up English live lesson task - converting informal to formal language.


9) Investigating animal skeletons.  Learn about how different animals are recognised by the types of skeletons they have by reading the powerpoint and watching the video links.


10) Tune into TEAMS at 9.45am on Tuesday for our discovering art session with the National Museum Wales.


11)  Create a Welsh food diary by filling the table with food and drink that you eat over a week.  Use the powerpoint and word mat to give you the Welsh vocabulary for food examples.  Da iawn ti!


12) Learn about the Eucharistic Prayer - by reading the powerpoint. Draw a picture of yourself and family / friends at the table sharing 'the bread of life' with Jesus.


I shall see you all at 11am!


Mrs Thomas xxx