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Week commencing 1st February

Good morning Year 3,

I hope you are all well and are looking forward to another fun week of learning at home!  Did you have anymore snow yesterday?  


This week is a very important week for you - it is Children's Mental Health Week.  This year's theme is Express Yourself!  Many of our activities this week will be designed to support this theme!


You continue to make me so proud of they way you are working and the work you are completing.    I can see how hard you are trying!  If you are unable to complete all tasks - that is absolutely fine - just do your best as you always do!  Even when tasks are completed using other methods - please click on 'Turn In' as this will / should prevent your work from becoming 'missing'.  Even though tasks are set on Google - you can always choose other methods to complete your tasks!


This week our live lessons and check-ins are on - 
Monday - Check-in 1 at 11am
Tuesday - Maths at 11am
Wednesday - English at 11am
Friday - Check-in 2 at 11am - Dress to Express! Come to our session dressed in fancy dress, back-to-front, favourite colour, who you want to become when older... etc! I can't wait to see you!
Nearly all tasks this week will be released today so you can pick and choose when to do them - (there is no need for them to be completed in a certain order).  The only tasks to be scheduled will be your follow up activities from your live lessons.  

Remember to spread your tasks out through the week by doing other fun things in between e.g. reading a book, enjoying yoga or physical exercise, going outside for walks etc and having plenty of breaks from screen learning.


Your tasks

1) To support Children's Mental Health Week I want you to create a heart collage to display  special qualities of yourself and your family - this will be explained during Check-in 1.


2) Express Yourself .  There are two ways to complete this task.  (Drawing and Writing)  - listen to some music and draw or paint a picture to show how it makes you feel.  Or, (Talking and Doing) - create a dance routine to go with that piece of music and send me the video.  You could also dress up for your routine too!


3) Collage of Calm. Create a collage of pictures / photographs that make you feel calm and happy.


4) Live English lesson on Wednesday at 11am - to support our understanding of interview techniques.


5) Read an interview with Latalia Bevan to help prepare you for your written task.


6) Question Time!  Create open ended questions to ask a welsh star.


7) Choose a welsh hero (sports / celebrity / someone you know) to interview.  Create probing questions and informative responses.  I'm sure your parents would support you if you wanted to film your interview too!


8) New week and a new CLIC.  Please try to complete it without any adult help.  Don't be afraid to show your working out.  (I have included a blank Google Docs if you want to use it).  There is no set time for this activity.  Remember - fact families are all about juggling around the same numbers - you can only use the ones you see in the question. 


9) As you know The BEAT That is very challenging!  You have 60seconds ONLY to answer as many questions as you can.  Once your time is up - you can go back but please answer these questions in a different colour.  The more you practise your times tables - the easier these questions will become.  Please do not get upset or disappointed if you cannot answer many - answer the ones you know first.  Every week you will feel better. If you don't answer many questions - it really doesn't matter - it's about trying your best and I will be very pleased that you have tried!  Remember to record your score - did you beat your score from last week?  Practising your tables will help.  


10) Practise your multiplications and Mathletics tasks in preparation for our fact family live maths lesson on Tuesday at 11am.  Also I have attached Youtube links to support the children learning tables - there are many other videos available to watch too.


11) RE - We are continuing with our Journeys topic and learning about special seasons within the church year. I have shared with you a LOOM of a story about Jesus being a great teacher.  I would like you to complete the role in the wall activity.  On the inside of the outline - you can describe the qualities that Jesus had as a teacher.  On the outside show when he used these qualities.  You could also do this activity using large pieces of paper and draw your own outline of Jesus.


12) Welsh - Beth wyt ti'n gwisgo?  Pam? (What are you wearing? Pam?)  You are going to connect language patterns we have practised by using the word achos (because).  
I have attached a powerpoint for you to recap over language patterns and a LOOM to explain.  You can either use the Google Slides to create your own catalogue of clothes you would like to wear and explain why by adding the weather pattern.  Please begin each sentence with Dw i'n gwisgo... and complete the first part of the sentence with the item of clothing and then the colour.  E.g. Dw i'n gwisgo jins glas... Then add the word achos ...and complete the sentence with the weather pattern.  E.G. Dw i'n gwisgo crys-t pinc achos mae hi'n heulog.  Please add a picture to support the sentence.  

You could also choose to make your own booklets using paper.


13) LIFE SKILL - please help your parents by making your bed and keeping your bedroom tidy.


 14) Creative tasks have been set on Purplemash.  To set the mood for our' Sports Week' next week, you can design your own sports medal and create your own crowd picture.


15) Use the powerpoint to create a factfile about Wales.


16) Just a reminder that even though I have set tasks for you to TURN IN on Classroom,  there are other tasks available on our class web page as well as on the BBC Bitesize page.  Exercise and fresh air is really important Year 3.  You could also do some Cosmic Yoga or Joe Wicks activities. If you complete any other forms of learning please let me know through photos or messages etc.


Don't forget to have breaks between your tasks, drink lots of water,  eat some healthy snacks and spend time laughing with your families.


I am so proud of you all and am missing you all so much!
I shall see you at 11am for our first check-in!

Love from
Mrs Thomas xx