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Week commencing 18th January

Good morning my gorgeous Year 3,
I hope you are all well and are looking forward to another fun week of learning at home!


We have such a busy week ahead!   You have made me so proud of all the work you are doing with your families!  I can see how hard you are working - you are champions!   Congratulations to you all for navigating your way to the lesson last week - it seems that we are all having to adjust and learn new skills!  It was so fantastic to see all your beautiful faces last week and I am so pleased that we will be having more time to learn together!


We will be having 2 check-in sessions through TEAMS where we can share any troubles or feelings we might be having.  These will be really lovely opportunities where we can just talk to each other and hopefully have some giggles!


We will also be having 2 live lessons one in Maths and one in English this week, also through TEAMS.  
I will be logging in 10 minutes before the start of each session to welcome you in from the lobby, so if you want to join a few minutes earlier we can chat before the session starts. I can't wait to see you all!


Check-in 1 - Tuesday at 9am
Maths - Wednesday at 10.30am
English - Thursday at 10.30am
Check-in 2 - Friday at 10.15am


Your tasks this week

1) On Monday 25th January we celebrate St. Dwynwen's Day.  Our tasks over the next 2 weeks will be linked to this special Welsh Princess. 

First, I want you to be a history detective by reading the Powerpoint on St. Dwynwen to know a little more about her.  
Next, I want you to be creative by completing your origami task.  I want you to follow these instructions carefully and make an origami heart.  
Then, if you can, please send me some photos! 

I am going to try too but I have never been very good at origami!  


2) Let's start the week with a CLIC!  A new CLIC will be set each week.  Please try to complete it without any adult help.  Don't be afraid to show your working out.  (I have included a blank Google Docs if you want to use it).  There is no set time for this activity.  Remember - fact families are all about juggling around the same numbers - you can only use the ones you see in the question. 


The BEAT That is very challenging!  We practised with the Year 2 version in school - this is now the Year 3 version.  You have 60seconds ONLY to answer as many questions as you can.  Once your time is up - you can go back but please answer these questions in a different colour.  The more you practise your times tables - the easier these questions will become.  Please do not get upset or disappointed if you cannot answer many - answer the ones you know first.  Every week you will feel better. If you don't answer many questions - it really doesn't matter - it's about trying your best and I will be very pleased that you have tried!


I will share the answers with you on Friday for you to mark your own work. 


Also, you can earn 1,000 points on Mathletics.


3) How does our body work?  What I would like you to do in this activity is to type next to the body outline (attached on Google Docs) what you know about the body. Choose either the male or female body outline.  You can change the font colour for each fact to make it look really attractive and also this will help you to practise a new skill.  I am not uploading any other resources because I want to know what facts you already know!


4) Have some fun today drawing around someone in your home or you can ask an adult to draw around your body to make a life size outline!  I want you to add and label some organs found in your body.  You will need to watch the BBC Bitesize clip as this might help you to become medical experts and label some of the organs inside your body outline!  
If you do not have large paper or card to stick together to make a life size outline.  Perhaps you have a smaller piece of paper and you can draw a smaller version of a body.


5) Croeso i Cymru! 
I would like you to read the Powerpoint about Wales and use the question stems in the table to create your own questions about the topic.  You do not need to create all the questions but please could you create a minimum of 3 questions that we can use to explore our topic.  


6) I hope you enjoyed the Powerpoint shared in an earlier task about Wales.  Now I would like you to use the Google Docs to share some ideas on what you would like us to learn about linked to Wild and Wonderful  Wales. 

You might want to learn about your local history e.g. The Crawshays, Joseph Parry or Richard Trevithick.  You might want to learn more about famous Welsh artists e.g. Tom Jones, Shirley Bassey or Sir Kyffin Williams or sports stars including Tanni Grey-Thompson, Gareth Bale or Geraint Thomas.  You might want to learn about tales from Wales e.g. Gelert or King Arthur etc.  

I have attached a video to give you some inspiration!


7) Live learning session Maths - Mass! Wednesday 10.30am - invite sent.


8) Live learning session English - Writing instructions! Thursday 10.30am - invite sent.


9) You will already know a lot about how important instructions are after our live learning session.  You can remind yourself by reading the Powerpoint.  What I want you to do is to read the questions from the STEM activity about making a Lego heart and change into clear instructions.  The title has been given to you.  
Think about - what does each instruction need?     Which words are important to use?  Are your instructions written in chronological order?


10)  Learning Focus 1 - The Liturgical Year

  • How is the Church’s year marked?
  • When does it begin and end? Why do you think it happens like this?
  • What do you notice about the colour used at different times?

Think about the key events in Jesus' life - what happened and why are they important?  Look at the events given to you.  You will need to put them into chronological order and draw and label them on a story map.  Make your story map as large as you want.  Begin by drawing a line and add large clear pictures of the events in Jesus' life and label them.  Make it as creative as possible.  Please can you send me a photo!
I have attached a Google Drawing in case you prefer to record it using  IT.


11) Complete the text set on Giglets.  Answer the set questions.


We have a special treat on Wednesday - I will be sending a link to watch a virtual show called Out of this World from Techniquest!  It should be really fun to watch! 


Just a reminder that even though I have set tasks for you to TURN IN on Classroom,  there are other tasks available on our class web page as well as on the BBC Bitesize page. You could also do some Cosmic Yoga or Joe Wicks activities. If you complete any other forms of learning please let me know through photos or messages etc.


Don't forget to have breaks between your tasks, drink lots of water,  eat some healthy snacks and spend time laughing with your families.


I am so proud of you all and am missing you all so much!
I shall see you on Tuesday morning!
Love from
Mrs Thomas ❤