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Week commencing 11th January

Good morning Year 3,
We have such an exciting week ahead.  I hope you can all join me for our first live lesson on Wednesday 13th January at 9.30am.  You will need to bring paper and a pen but most importantly - your beautiful big smiles!  I cannot wait to see you all!   

If you are still having difficulty navigating your way to find our lesson on TEAMS after watching the video shared through Classroom and our web page, please contact me and I will happily try to resolve your issues.  


You may feel anxious about helping your child log in but I can assure you I am moving from my 'Stretch to Panic' zone too - Wednesday will be my first time delivering a lesson through TEAMS.  We may have issues with WIFI connections, issues with navigating or responding, sharing the lesson, enthusiastic pets and Amazon deliveries - but we will do it together!   The session should last approximately 15 minutes and there will be a task set based on the live session.  


Your other tasks this week!
1) Our tasks this week will be based on A Week of Weather from Giglets.  You need to  complete this task BEFORE reading the book.  Based on the image from A Week of Weather I want you to create questions on what you might find out from reading the book.  E.G.  What weather patterns might we find out about?  What can you do in the rain? Etc. You can add your own ideas about the book too e.g. the book will tell us about different weather.  Use the Google Docs attached to record your questions and ideas.




2) You will need to read A Week of Weather book from Giglets and answer the questions set.


3) If the weather is kind, go for a walk with your family and use a camera to capture some lovely winter photos.  If the weather is too miserable - perhaps you have pictures you have already taken of your beautiful locality.  If you don't you can collect images from Google.  I would like you  to insert these images with a brief label / description into Google Slides.  I have created a front cover to the Slideshow but you can edit that with your own ideas.  To add a new slide click on + on the toolbar or go to Insert and add a new page.  To  insert image - click on insert and find image to add your photos.  (It might be easier to upload them onto your computer first).  To  insert text - go to Insert and text box.  

4) Use the ABC grid on Winter to insert words all about winter.  The word has to start with the initial letter.  I have attached a powerpoint to help you generate ideas.  You can also include strong adjectives to describe winter e.g. C = crispy, crunchy, I = icy etc.  If you are really clever you can put your adjective and idea together e.g. s = slippery icy pond.


5) Activities have been set on Mathletics - including Numbers within 100 and Measures - temperature.  It would be helpful if you complete your temperature task before our live lesson on Wednesday.  


6) As we are learning about the weather this week - I think we need to have a recap of weather patterns in Welsh.  Sut Mae Tywydd Heddiw?  I have attached a powerpoint to remind you of the vocabulary.  I have also attached a YouTube link to Sut Mae Tywydd Heddiw as a song. (If you would like to sing it and film it I would love to hear you!)  I would like you to create a comic strip of weather patterns by choosing the day, welsh sentence and matching picture.


7) Our first topic this term for RE is Journeys. Recall the celebrations during the Christmas holiday.  What events marked this time?  What customs does each family have for Christmas and the New Year?

Think about the whole year, the school terms and the events at school and in the family e.g. Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Bonfire Night and how these are celebrated.

 What are the highlights of your year?
Who is with you on the journey through the year?
What makes it good?
Are there any difficult times in the year?
What helps you?
If you were going on an actual journey, who would you like as a companion? How would you travel?  What would you take with you?  What would be your reasons for these choices?

Complete the Months of the Year Google Docs.  Add the seasons, months and what you most look forward to in each month.


8)  There are a range of activities based on Romans set on Purple Mash.  I have set a Mosaics task - you can create some beautiful Roman objects.  


9) With the following Purple Mash task will need you to complete the research part first - this will make things much easier and you'll enjoy finding out new facts too!
Open the Roman Life slideshow and read the information.  I have also attached websites for you to learn about Gladiators.

This will help you to complete your activity Roman Life.

More tasks will be set later in the week once our live lesson has finished.  


Take care Year 3 - don't forget to be helpful, polite and thankful to your parents.

Lots of love from
Mrs Thomas xx