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Week Beginning Monday 18th January



This week we will carry on with Our mini Winter topic.  Please click on the link below to listen to a very special story called Jack Frost by Kazuno Kah

Activity 1 


Where do you think Jack Frost might live?

What words can you think of that describe Winter e.g Cold, Frost, Icy, Winter 

Use these words to make up your own address for Jack Frost.


Mr J. Frost

29 Icy Lane

Cold Street


SN37 4OW


Activity 2


Design your own wintery stamp to put on a letter to Jack Frost.

Think about what picture you would use? A snowman An Igloo? An icicle? 

What colours do we imagine when we think of something cold?

Can you use these colours on your stamp? 


You can either draw your stamp or make one on Purple mash ( use the 2paint a picture tool under the Art section.

 I've included a template below for you to use.



Activity 3 


This week we are going to pretend that we are the little boy in the story. We are going to write our own letter to jack Frost telling him how much we enjoyed his visit and how we miss him. 


First of all we need to remember the important features of a letter.


Can you remember what they are?

Can you remember the important things that we need to include in our letters?


Watch Miss Lewis explaining about features of a letter in the link below the bubble map to help you remember. Write a bubble map with the features of the letter around it. See the picture of a bubble map below to help you. Remember to write the word Letters inside the bubble and all the features go around it. 



Bubble Map

 Activity 4

Think about what information you would like to put into your letter.

Can you think of questions to ask Jack Frost, that you can include in your letter?

E.G Why did you go away?

Write your questions down or record them so you can remeber them when it comes to writing your letter.


Activity 5

 Write a letter to the Jack Frost pretending that you are the little boy in the story. You might want to try to write this yourself using your Fred sounds or maybe record it. You can draw pictures too. 


Remember to add the following things (look at your bubble map to help you)





Introductory paragraph 


Sign your letter off 



This week in Maths we will be learning all about 3D shape. Our live lesson on Thrsday will aslo be all about 3D shapes.


If possible, please complete activity 1 and 2 before Thursdays Lesson


Activity 1


Watch the powerpoint below.

Can you see how many 3D shapes are also household items?

Go on a 3D shape hunt around your house and see how many shapes you can find.

Can you find :-

a cube

a cone

a cylinder

a cuboid

a sphere

a pyramid 


Keep these shapes ready for Thursday's lesson. 

Activity 2


Listen to the 3D shape song below. Can you guess what shape they are describing each time?


Have a go at making your own 3D shape. You could use clay or playdough to make them or maybe out of a cardboard box. Take pictures to show me your ideas. I'd love to see them.

Activity 3




I have assigned 3 tasks to your account inked to this weeks work on 3D shape 



Choose an animal from the story , this could be an animal from the Percy the Park Keeper stories or you can choose your own.

Use a variety of different medium to re-create your chosen animal.  

You can use paint, collage materials, craft materials, playdough, salt dough etc

Be creative and have fun!!!!!

Take a picture I cannot wait to see your designs. 

I've includes some examples bellow. 

RE- Special People 


Look at the picture below, talk about what you can see and answer the follwoing questions 


  • What do you see?
  • Where are people going?
  • Who is there?
  • What are they doing?
  • What other jobs do people do during Mass?
Make a list of the special jobs that people do in church e.g the priest, altar servers, readers, choir etc. Draw pictures to go with each job. 



During the long Winter moths animals have to try to keep safe. Look at the powerpoint below all about hibernation. 

What animals do you know that hibernate?


Choose ONE activity 


Can you sort the animals into those that hibernate through the winter and those that don't. If you don't have a printer you can make a list pf animals or draw pictures.


Can you cut out the animals and put them in the correct place in the picture below? When you have finished colour in the whole picture.





Make a factfile about a hibernating animal of your choice.

You can draw pictures, write information or  record yourself sharing facts about the animal

Purple mash 


I have assigned  tasks on purple mash for you. Log into Purple mash through the children's section of the school website. Once you have completed the task don't forget to save and exit and then I will be able to view it.


I have set lots of activities for you to do this week. Don't feel you have to complete everything choose what you enjoy the most. Also remember there are RWI videos available every day.  ( I have added the link below ). If you are not sure what set of sounds you are on then e mail me to ask. ( From next week RWI lessons will be available in your seesaw folders )


Also try to have some fun, go for walks, play games, do some baking, just try your best. I am very proud of all of you for all the hard work that you are doing.


Don't forget our live lesson on Tuesday and Thursday, and try to attend one check in either on Monday or Wednesday.


Lots of love 

Miss Lewis