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Week 8 Monday 1st June

Week Seven (Monday 1st June) Tasks 


Hello Year 3 - welcome to our final half term of your first year in KS2 - I don't think anyone could have predicted how this year has worked out!  I hope you all enjoyed some happy family time in the sun over the half term break.  


If you are doing tasks in your Home Learning Book then please keep sending me photos of your brilliant work.


Over the next half term, please keep sending me messages through the Classroom or email. Don't forget to keep sending me photos of your learning at home - it's lovely to see how much you are all growing and how you are learning different skills.


Congratulations to Tiago who received the Home Learning Award before the half term holiday.  


I miss you more and more as each week passes! Love Mrs Thomas xx


By the end of this week, you should aim to:
1. Achieve 1000 points and complete the tasks set on Mathletics this week - (fractions and shape).

2. Take part in a Joe Wick's (The body coach) P.E. session or Cosmic Kids Yoga.  You could even enjoy some sporting activities in your garden.


3. Complete a RWI activity from the link on the bottom of this page and enjoy reading for 15 minutes every day.  

4. Plan, create and evaluate a fruit smoothie - fit for a superhero.  Which fruit will you use?  Use the planning frames on Google Docs.  


5.   Use Google Docs to create a set of Top Trump cards of your favourite superheroes and / or villains. You will need to create a name to match your picture, add their height, rate their rescuing skills, speed and strength.


6. Use Google Drawings and the information provided to create a poster to show what you know about Pentecost.  You will need to include information and pictures. What catchy slogan could you use?


7. Think about what hazards might exist in a woodland habitat and how to stay safe e.g. roots – trip hazard, stinging nettles or plants with poisonous berries.  Avoid eating unknown fruit, don't climb in brambles etc.  Use the table in Google Docs to record hazards and ways to stay safe.


8. I hope you have all been just as excited about me watching NASA's first manned space flight on Saturday night since the space shuttle missions ended in August 2011.

Follow news reports to learn about NASA's latest mission into space - SPACEX.  You can use different websites, including to prepare for next week's tasks.


9. Click on this Web link for fantastic daily lessons from BBC Bitesize


10. Be a 'Hero' How can you help at home? - E.g. make your bed, help with the dishes etc.  Don't forget to send me a photo!