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Week 7 Monday 18th May

Week Seven (Monday 18th May) Tasks 


Well done to all of you for the work you completed last week on Google Classroom, Mathletics and Purple Mash.  I can see how hard you are trying and all the effort you are putting in to your home tasks.  If you are doing tasks in your Home Learning Book then please keep sending me photos of your brilliant work.


I have really enjoyed chatting with you through the Classroom  and seeing photos of your learning has made me smile - please keep them coming!  It's also lovely to hear about you learning new skills such as cooking and gardening etc.


Congratulations to Tiago who received the Home Learning Award.  


I miss you more and more as each week passes! Love Mrs Thomas xx


By the end of this week, you should aim to:
1. Achieve 1000 points and complete the three tasks set on Classroom this week - (place value, divisions and remainders and missing numbers).

2. Take part in a Joe Wick's (The body coach) P.E. session or Cosmic Kids Yoga.  You could even enjoy some sporting activities in your garden.


3. Complete a RWI activity from the link on the bottom of this page and enjoy reading for 15 minutes every day.  

4. Use Purple Mash to create a Wanted Poster of a Super - Villain!  You can add a picture from clip art or create a picture of your own villain! Add lots of adjectives in your descriptions - the more detail will help your Superhero to capture them.


5.  Use 2 Design and Make on Purple Mash to create your own superhero vehicle.   What will it look like?  What shape will you choose?  


6. Use Superhero Story on Purple Mash to write your very own adventure story about your superhero.  You could also include a description of your superhero vehicle and perhaps the villain you are trying to capture!


7. Make a collection of all the words in the passage from Acts 2   which describe people who are bursting with energy or have no energy.  Use these words (and you can also use other examples) to create a Word Art picture - find the web link below these tasks.



8. Use Google Docs on Classroom to complete the table of living organisms and habitats.  How many different living things can you name and recognise where they live?


9. Have some fun in Welsh with your family - play 'Faint o'r gloch Mr Blaidd?' (What's the time Mr Wolf?).

Ask 'Faint o'r gloch Mr Blaidd?'. He chooses his reply from - Mae hi'n un, dau, tri, pedwar, pump, chwech, saith, wyth, naw, deg o'r gloch. Whatever time Mr Blaidd says you take that many steps towards him/her. You keep asking the question. When you get near to him you ask the question Faint o'r gloch Mr Blaidd? and they reply ... Mae'n amser cinio (It's dinner time.) You must run away and Mr Blaidd must try to catch you.


10. Click on this Web link for fantastic daily lessons from BBC Bitesize


11. Be a 'Hero' How can you help at home? - E.g. make your bed, help with the dishes etc.  Don't forget to send me a photo!


12. Don't forget to clap and cheer for our wonderful NHS and all keyworkers on Thursday at 8 p.m.