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Week 6

Tasks for week 6 (11th May 2020)

Welcome to week 6 of your home learning. I hope you all had an amazing time celebrating VE day on Friday. I am looking forward to seeing all of your lovely pictures.


1. Achieving 1000 point on mathletics

2. To become a super hero- make a profile if you were a super hero- what would your name be, what is your super power, how would you help people,do you have side kick? etc. 

3. Create a wanted poster for a villain- what is the reward, are they dangerous, what are their powers?

4. To design and create a super hero Lair- what do you need in your lair, where will it be, will it have a name?

5. Carry out the maths activity on Google slides. 

6. Make a mashcam on Purplemash about a super hero of your choice.

7. Lean a new Welsh song-

8. Take part in some form of exercise this week. 


Missing you all and cannot wait to see you all soon.

Love Mrs Jones and Mrs Evans xx