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Week 3 Monday 20th April

WEEK THREE (Monday 20th April) TASKS


By the end of this week you should aim to complete some of the following:

  1. Achieve 1000 points in Mathletics.
  2. Complete the 3 Mathletics activities set.
  3. Practise handwriting for 15 minutes - you can use pens, pencils, chalks etc.
  4. Access our Google Classroom for your digital tasks.
  5. Take part in a Cosmic Kids Yoga session or Joe Wicks PE session.
  6. Use Purple Mash to create a birthday invitation for the Queen's birthday.
  7. Create a birthday card for Queen Elizabeth II.  You can use your own resources or create one using Purple Mash.
  8. Put yourself in the role as a Royal.  Use the Mashcam in Purple Mash to describe what you would do.
  9. Use the information about Queen Elizabeth II in the TOPIC folder below to create a leaflet about her using Purple Mash.
  10. Be a 'Home Hero!' What can you do to help your parents?
  11. Our Summer topic is called We are heroes!  Use Google Classroom to record ideas on what we could learn about.
  12. Click on this Web link for fantastic daily lessons from BBC Bitesize
  13. Please clap and cheer for our incredible NHS workers & all keyworkers on Thursday at 8pm.