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Week 13 Monday 6th July

Hello Year 3,
I have thought about you all so much since going into lockdown so it was really lovely last week  seeing those of you able to come back to school.  I hope you all had a great time in your bubble and I look forward to seeing you this week!  If you are unable to return - don't worry - you are not forgotten! I will be saving my air hugs for you and passing them onto you the next time I see you!
Online learning will continue for all of you - so keep logging into Mathletics, Purple Mash and Google Classroom.  Don't forget that if you are doing tasks in your Home Learning Book then please keep sending me photos of your brilliant work.

Congratulations to Maja D who received the Home Learning Award last week.  

Looking forward to catching up with you! Love Mrs Thomas xx


By the end of this week, you should aim to:
1. Achieve 1000 points and complete the activities set on Mathletics - data, time and reasoning.


2. Take part in a Joe Wick's (The body coach) P.E. session or Cosmic Kids Yoga.  You could even enjoy some sporting activities in your garden.


3. Complete a RWI activity from the link on the bottom of our class web page and enjoy reading for 15 minutes every day.  You could even write a short book review based on your reading.


4. Read the 'beth wyt ti'n gwisgo?' (what do you wear?) power point to remind you of welsh words for clothing. I have also attached colour vocabulary.  Watch this video to learn how pronounce the words -


I want you to create a catalogue of clothes you wear using Google Slides.  Complete the picture box and create a sentence to say what clothes you wear e.g. dw i'n gwisgo trowsus (I wear trousers).  If you would like to describe the colour, the colour word comes at the end of the sentence. E.g. Dw i'n gwisgo trowsus du (I wear black trousers).  
If you want to be extra clever you could include 2 items of clothing using a (and) e.g. Dw i'n gwisgo sgert coch a het oren.  (I wear a red skirt and orange hat).


5.  Create a comic book story on someone you admire, this could be a parent, someone in your community or famous person, using the Purple Mash activity or make one in your home learning book.  Think about what this person might do  - what adventures could they have? Watch the videos on to give you hints and tips -


You will need to  
*plan your ideas first.
*add speech, thoughts, onomatopoeia and captions to this comic.
*add extra information to your captions in (brackets).
*there is a button to add speech bubbles and text boxes to create your story - just click on the grey background.  There are also clipart images of onomatopoeia words and characters you can add.

Top tip!
Make sure your thought bubbles and speech bubbles look different. You will have to change the shape on the Purple Mash program.  You could use clouds or bubbles.

6.  Complete a science at home activity - investigating the viscosity of liquids.  You could either complete the indoor (the liquid race)/ outdoor (is it solid or liquid?) or both activities.  I have included a Google Docs table for you to record your results.


7. Take time to read Chapter 4 of Alien Hotel found on Purple Mash. If you get stuck on a word - use your strategies, e.g. RWInc to help! Answer the quiz questions set based on Chapter 4 once you have read the chapter.  


8.  After reading Chapter 4 I would like you to complete the Kazoom ear-eating goats activity on Purple Mash.  Imagine you are one of the children in the story being chased by the ear-eating Kazoom goats. How do you feel? How will you escape? Where will you hide?  


9. Look at the PowerPoint of special places for Jesus.  It is possible today to visit many of the places associated with the life of Jesus in what Christians call the Holy Land.

These are the scripture references in the PowerPoint:

Luke 2: 11 Bethlehem 
Matthew 2: 23 Nazareth 
Luke 2: 41, 46 Jerusalem
Mark 1: 9 Baptism in the Jordan
Matthew 5: 1−2 Sermon on the mount

Q    Where were the special places for Jesus? 
Q    Why were they special?
Q    Why do you think some of these places are still special and holy today?
Q    Why are these places so special for Christians today?

I want you to open the document below to match the events in Jesus’ life with the location where they took place.  You could print them off.  You could type up the correct events using Google Docs or write  them in your book.

Use the Kidz Zone website to learn about CAFOD -

10. Click on this Web link for fantastic daily lessons from BBC Bitesize


11. Be a 'Hero' How can you help at home? - E.g. make your bed, help with the dishes etc.  Don't forget to send me a photo!