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Week 12 Monday 29th June

Hello Year 3,
I am feeling very excited about seeing those of you who are returning to school this week.  I cannot wait to have a proper chat with you and see how much you have all changed. 
Online learning will continue for all of you - so keep logging into Mathletics, Purple Mash and Google Classroom.  Don't forget that if you are doing tasks in your Home Learning Book then please keep sending me photos of your brilliant work.

Congratulations to Lara who received the Home Learning Award last week.  
Looking forward to catching up with you! Love Mrs Thomas xx


By the end of this week, you should aim to:
1. Achieve 1000 points and complete the activities set on Mathletics - add and subtract mental and written methods.  I have also set some Time activities on Purple Mash.


2. Take part in a Joe Wick's (The body coach) P.E. session or Cosmic Kids Yoga.  You could even enjoy some sporting activities in your garden.


3. Complete a RWI activity from the link on the bottom of our class web page and enjoy reading for 15 minutes every day.  You could even write a short book review based on your reading.


4. Read the 'sut mae tywydd heddiw' power point to remind you of ways to describe the weather. 

I want you to create a weather diary in welsh using Google Docs.  You will need to add the day, create a picture and write a sentence. E.g. Dydd Llun. Mae hi'n heulog.


5.  As we are preparing to return to school we will have lots of different feelings.  For example, I feel disappointed that we have lost so much time together.  I would like you to tell me 3 things about you.  You could tell me things you are worried about, things you are excited about, things I might not be aware of etc.  You can do this on Google Docs, Purple Mash or create your own poster.


6.  Use Purple Mash to create a leaflet about a minibeast of your choice e.g. ladybird, woodlouse, snail etc.  Make sure you include information on their special features, habitats, diet etc. Use words and images.  I have included a Power point about different types of minibeasts but you will also need to do your own research!


7. Take time to read Chapter 3 of Alien Hotel found on Purple Mash. If you get stuck on a word - use your strategies, e.g. RWInc to help! Answer the quiz questions set based on Chapter 3 once you have read the chapter.  


8.  After reading Chapter 3 I would like you to write a guidebook about Hotel Kazoom. Think about - what rooms are in the hotel? What strange creatures work there? Are there any fantastic inventions to help the guests?


9. Everyone has a place that is special to them.
Talk about your special places and what makes them special. Perhaps it is somewhere you like to go to think or be alone. (Everyone’s will be different).

Read the PowerPoint of Yulissa’s story from Colombia.


Q    What is a special place?
Q    What places are special for Yulissa? 
Q    Where is your special place?
Q    What makes it special for you?
Q    Is it a place you go when you feel happy/sad, fed up/angry, just because, or another reason?
Q    How do you show you appreciate your special place?
Q    In what ways have any of your special places changed as you have grown up?
Q    Why do think that everyone needs a special place?
Think about why these may be special places (e.g. because my friends/family are there; because it is a safe place; because it reminds me of happy things that happened there; because it is beautiful). All these things are true because God is there.

I want you to create your own imaginary special place. What would it look like?  You could
•    Draw and/or describe this special place.
•    Use Google Drawings to draw this place.
•    Create this place using modelling dough.

You can send me a photo of your special place.

Use the Kidz Zone website to learn about CAFOD -


10. Click on this Web link for fantastic daily lessons from BBC Bitesize


11. Be a 'Hero' How can you help at home? - E.g. make your bed, help with the dishes etc.  Don't forget to send me a photo!