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Week 11

Hello everyone. Hope you are all well? I have attached a few activities for you to complete this week. Please keep in touch via classrooms and emails as I love to hear about your tasks.
This week I would like you to:
1: Continue to access Mathletics
2: Read the short story Rules and answer these questions:
What new rules did Robin learn?
Why were they important?
What do you think of David?
What made Robin happy?
What would have happened if Robin had not followed the rules when he played with the others?
Are there good and bad rules, give examples? (e.g. it might be rules made up by one person who is being bossy about their game.) 
Activity: Research and make a list of essential rules for the road, illustrate what could happen to us and others if they are not kept. People are free to use the road and to keep safe when the rules are kept.
3: To make a memory Jar, talk to your parents about the things you have enjoyed, memories, people who have been with- See the poster attached and make your own via Google Drawings or in your work books. 
4: To carry out the hand washing activity on Purplemash. I will set this as an alert or you can make a video on how to wash your hands properly using instructions for people to follow.  
5:To watch the clip
Then  design your own medals or trophies for Sergeant Stubby or for another animal caught up in the war. You could make the medals out of modelling clay, craft card and paper or even through junk modelling.
6: To continue to carry out some exercise this week.
7: To continue to help your parents with chores around the house.
8: To  practise saying the time in Welsh only O Clock. 
9: To look at what we use water for. On Purplemash I have set a task for you to discuss what we use water for. Why is it important? What can we do to reduce wasting water. 
I hope  you have a fun week and thank you to your amazing families for their help and support.
Missing you lots. Mrs Jones and Mrs Evans :) xxxxxx