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Week 10 Monday 15th June

Week ten (Monday 15th June) Tasks 


Hello Year 3 - I hope you are all well and are still able to get outdoors for some fresh air.  Just to let you know all your teachers are very busy making preparations for your safe return to school! 


I have been really impressed with the standard of work being sent to me - including; photographs, pieces of work and videos!  Your parents are doing an amazing job supporting you - make sure you say thank you!


If you are doing tasks in your Home Learning Book then please keep sending me photos of your brilliant work.


Over the next half term, please keep sending me messages through the Classroom or email. Don't forget to keep sending me photos of your learning at home - it's lovely to see how much you are all growing and how you are learning different skills.


Congratulations to Oskar who received the Home Learning Award last week.  


I miss you more and more as each week passes! Love Mrs Thomas xx


By the end of this week, you should aim to:
1. Achieve 1000 points and complete the tasks set on Mathletics - place value, patterns and relationships and data.


2. Take part in a Joe Wick's (The body coach) P.E. session or Cosmic Kids Yoga.  You could even enjoy some sporting activities in your garden.


3. Complete a RWI activity from the link on the bottom of this page and enjoy reading for 15 minutes every day.  

4. Retell the story found in the Gospel according to Matthew Chapter 21 (see attachment).  Use the storyboard document found in Google Classroom to retell the story Jesus shared or create your own storyboard strip.  Add more detail to the story.  Use words and pictures.  You could also include speech bubbles.


5. After creating the most amazing superhero smoothies, your next creative task will be to make a space-themed meal for an astronaut.  Imagine being away from home and not being able to eat proper meals - what are you going to make for them?  I would love to see recipes and / or photographs / drawing of your meal.


6. Use Purple Mash Mashcam to put yourself into the role of an astronaut. Show their thoughts and character in the speech bubble.  Think about describing what you can see or how you feel!  How many adjectives can you include?


7. Pretend you are one of the astronauts from the SpaceX mission - (Doug or Bob).  Use Purple Mash to write a diary account to describe different events that you have experienced.  Use your senses to build descriptions. Your writing needs to be in the past tense. Include feelings / thoughts / worries etc. Don't forget you can use information from your newspaper report to build your diary account.

You might want to collect some information from this website.


8. Take time to read Chapter 1 of Alien Hotel found on Purple Mash. If you get stuck on a word - use your strategies, e.g. RWInc to help! Answer the quiz questions set based on Chapter 1.  There are further activities based on Chapter 1, found below that can be printed off for home learning.


9.  June 20th is World Refugees Day.  Please read the power point attached below and create a poster to show awareness and inform people about World Refugee Day!  You can choose how to record your poster.  You could use Purple mash, Google Drawings, your home learning books or on card.  The power point is found on Google Classroom.



10. Click on this Web link for fantastic daily lessons from BBC Bitesize


11. Be a 'Hero' How can you help at home? - E.g. make your bed, help with the dishes etc.  Don't forget to send me a photo!