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Year 6 2020-2021

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TASKS week commencing March 8th


Bore da Blwyddyn 6!


Our last week of home learning (fingers crossed)! I am in school Friday preparing our learning packs and getting the classroom ready so this week your online learning is Mon-Thurs.


This week is British Science Week which we always participate in so most of your tasks reflect this. Try to complete your tasks in the numbered order on Classroom. We have an extra live session with Welsh Water for Science Week! Also there is an emphasis on our feelings, emotions and reflecting back on Lockdown...three months of missing school, friends & family! It is important to reflect ready for our return to school :-) 


This week's live lessons are:

Science - Monday @9.30am (link below)
Maths - Wednesday @9.30am
Welsh Water / Science - Wednesday @11am
Well being check in - Thursday @9.30am


This week's tasks are: 

*Maths: CLIC challenges (Google Classroom)
*Live lesson - Wednesday @9.30am
*Problem solving follow up task (Google Classroom)


*Science: Live lesson - Monday @9.30am
*Welsh water live session - Wednesday @11am
*Follow up tasks - Frayer's Model (Google Classroom)
*Matching four parts of blood & Pie chart of blood (Purple Mash) (Google Classroom)
*Create a 'blood' smoothie (Google Classroom)
*Create a scientific model of the circulatory system (Google Classroom)
*Write an explanation for the circulatory system (Google Classroom)

*Poster competition - innovation by Monday 19th April (Google Classroom)


*PSE: Well being check in - Thursday @9.30am
*Follow up task - Return to school 
*Ti'n Seren: You have been a superstar over the last three months (Google Classroom)
*Let your worries go - share any worries/concerns you may have (Google Classroom)
*Reflection time - What positives have come from Lockdown? (Google Classroom)

*RE - Holy Week Lesson 2: Matching dialogue with events (Google Classroom)
*PE - daily e.g. Joe Wickes/ Cosmic Yoga (Google Classroom)
*Life skill - return to school preparations (Google Classroom)
*Music - music session from Mrs Jones (Google Classroom)


I cannot wait to see you all next week and I honestly believe that you have been superstars!


Love Mrs Smith xx


TASKS week commencing March 1st


Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus!!
Happy St. David's Day!! Even better after the Welsh rugby win on the weekend! 


I am looking forward to our live lesson at 9.30 am (link below). I hope that you will remember to wear something to symbolise 'Wales'. 


This week we are back to our usual timetable so there are more tasks to keep our learning moving forward: some are quite quick and others may take a little longer. Fingers crossed that this will be our penultimate week of home learning! 


Remember that you should feel proud of yourselves! I am extremely proud of you! Reach for those stars...we are nearly there my lovelies!


This week's tasks are: 

Live lessons
Monday: St. David's Day & Literacy @9.30am 
Wednesday: Numeracy @9.30am
Thursday: World Book Day (dress up & bring your favourite book) @9.30am
Friday: Feel Good Friday Check in @10am


Literacy: Live lesson
Live lesson follow up task - picture prediction (Google Classroom)
Giglets - Read Gelert's Grave and answer reading questions and HOTs questions (Giglets)
Retell the story of Gelert as a story book using 2write (Google Classroom & Purple Mash)


Numeracy: Live lesson
Live lesson follow up task - number sequences and using algebra for the rule (Google Classroom)
Mathletics: Number sequences task and aim to reach 1000 points
CLIC Challenges (Google Classroom)
Beat Its (Google Classroom)


Topic: Consider advantages and disadvantages of renewable and non-renewable energy sources (Google Classroom)
RE: Match events for Holy Week (Google Classroom)
Science: Explore the circulatory system & use Frayer's model - this is something new that will be introduced in a live session (Google Classroom)
Life Skill: An act of kindness! (Google Classroom)
Music: Video session from Mrs Jones (Google Classroom)
PE: Daily exercise (Google Classroom)
St. David's Day (Google Classroom)
World Book Day 


So as you can see a busy week for us! 

Love Mrs Smith xx



TASKS week commencing February 22nd




I hope you all made the best of half term with your family! I can't wait to see you all on Wednesday for our first live lesson of the week. A reminder that today is a planning Day - I have training and we are making sure that the school is ready for our youngest pupils to return tomorrow! Therefore, your tasks will be uploaded tomorrow! Don't forget that you have the model of a Welsh landscape to complete and CAFOD walk. Also, if you wish to begin some tasks, then please feel free to research and prepare some notes on a Welsh football player (current or from the past). 


Our live lessons this week are:

Literacy (Wednesday @9.30am)
Numeracy (Thursday @9.30am)
Well being check in (Friday @10am)


Your tasks for this week are all linked to Heritage week again. This is our final week of tasks for the competition so your biggest effort would be fantastic. 


*Welsh: Hamdden & Chwaraeon (Google Classroom)
*RE: Make Lenten promise (Google Classroom)
*RE: Research Saint David & create a quiz (Google Classroom)
*PE: Football skills & daily exercise (Google Classroom)
*Life Skill: Tidy your bedroom - make your bed each day etc. 
*Music from Mrs Jones (Google Classroom)
*Art/Creative: Continue to create a famous Welsh landmark 
*PSE/SEAL activity - 
*Local walk - Welsh place names (Google Classroom)
*CLIC theme Maths (follow up from live lesson - Google Classroom)
*Calculating area & perimeter of football pitches (Google Classroom)
*Compare and contrast two Welsh footballers from past and present (Google Classroom)
*Match report (follow up from live lesson - Google Classroom)


I really hope to see you face-to-face soon! 

Love Mrs Smith xxx

Home Learning Awards

Previous Blended Learning Tasks (Jan-Feb 2021)


WEEKLY TASKS commencing February 8th

Bore da Blwyddyn 6!

We are into our final week of this half term! That means by the end of this week you will have completed six weeks of blended learning at home!! You have all been superstars and thank you for keeping me smiling! 


This week is a little bit different as we begin Welsh Heritage Week. This will also continue for one more week after half term too with more tasks set. Our whole school has entered a competition so each class has been given a project. Year 5 & 6 have been given the topic of Sport with football as a focus! The tasks might seem less but actually the effort that is needed is know how I am a little competitive so I would love to see everyone trying their very best - I know you will! I will explain in more detail in our live lesson at 9.30am. (Link is below if needed).


Here is our overview for this week: 

Live lessons -
Monday @9.30am (Welsh Heritage introduction and follow up task)
Wednesday @9.30am (Numeracy football stadium capacity)
Thursday @ 10.45am (PC Rogers Internet Safety)
Friday @10am (Well being check in - Friday Fun Quiz)


Literacy - Live lesson (Monday @9.30am) Welsh Heritage planning
-Live lesson follow up task - Spider Diagram (Google Classroom)
-Comprehension activity about Merthyr vs Atalanta football match (Google Classroom)
-Creating an advertisement part 1: Design a kit for Merthyr Town FC (Google Classroom) (Google Drawing)
-Creating an advertisement part 2: An advert for your designed kit using persuasive techniques (Google Classroom)


Numeracy - Live lesson (Wednesday @9.30am) Capacity of Welsh football stadiums (fractions and percentages)
-Live lesson follow up task - Table of football stadiums & calculating attendance (Google Classroom)
-Reasoning task: Football kit manager (Google Classroom)


ICT: Welsh footballers database (Google Forms)
ICT: Design a football stadium using TinkerCAD (Google Classroom)
Art: Create a Welsh landmark over two weeks (Google Classroom)
Music: Video session from Mrs Jones our peripatetic teacher (Google Classroom)
PE: Football skills (Google Classroom)
Internet Safety Week: Making the right decisions online (Google Classroom)
Life Skill: Set by our JRSOs - Identifying road signs during a local walk (Google Classroom)


I shall see you all soon,
Love Mrs Smith xx


WEEKLY TASKS commencing February 1st

Bore da Year 6! 

I hope that you all had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the snow once again!


I am looking forward to our week ahead! This week is Children's Mental Health Week! We know how we look after ourselves on the outside e.g. wash our hair, exercise, smile etc. So this week in the UK is how we look after ourselves on the inside too! There are some activities linked to this and I think it is quite apt (suitable) for these difficult times in lockdown. How you are feeling and how you express yourself is the most important thing to me as your teacher! Even though our live lesson today is Numeracy, I will also introduce the theme of Express Yourself! 


Our live lessons are:
Monday @9.30am: Numeracy
Wednesday @9.30am: Literacy
Thursday @9.30am: Well being check in 1
Friday @10am: Well being check in 2 (fancy dress)


Here is an overview of this week's tasks:
Maths: Live lesson (Monday @9.30am) Line graphs
             Follow up task - interpreting line graphs (Google Classroom)
             Creating a line graph (2do on 2graph Purple Mash)
             Mathletics - two set activities for data and line graphs 
             CLIC Challenges (Google Classroom)


English: Live lesson (Wednesday @9.30am)
               Planning a non chronological report (Google Classroom)
               Writing a non chronological report (Google Classroom)
               Create a glossary for your non chronological report (Google Classroom)
DCF/Literacy: Create a database for your dinosaur (Google Classroom - forms and drawing)


RE: Design a stained glass window portraying being in communion with Jesus (Google Classroom)
Music: Music video from Mrs Jones our peripatetic teacher (Google Classroom)
Science: Research an organ of your choice and create a factfile (Google Classroom)
Life Skill task: Go on a nature walk (Google Classroom)
PE: Cosmic yoga/ Joe Wicks / daily exercise (Google Classroom)


Children's Mental Health Week
Express yourself: Art (Google Classroom)
Express yourself: Reflections videos (Google Classroom)
Express yourself: Craft (Google Classroom)
Express yourself: Squiggle Game (Google Classroom)
Express yourself: ONE photograph (Google Classroom)


I hope you enjoy these activities and I already can't wait to start receiving your work and photographs. I shall see you very soon.

Love Mrs Smith xxx


WEEKLY TASKS commencing Monday 25th January


Good morning Year 6! 

I hope you all had lots of enjoyment yesterday in the snow...I did! 

Happy St. Dwynwen's Day!! I love you all!


Another week begins...we start at 9.30am this morning with our Numeracy live session. I will set a follow up task for you too, as usual. The link is below for anyone who needs it but try your best to use your own HWB login. 


The other live lessons for this week are:
Wednesday: Literacy at 9.30am (please read 'Triceratops' and answered the reading questions on Giglets before this session).
Thursday: Check in at 9.30am
Friday: Check in at 10am
We are still unsure how long we will be away from school for so please try your very best to attend these sessions. 

You are working well and I know that you will continue to do are your activities for this week!


Maths: Live lesson (Monday 9.30am) - calculating mean, mode, median & range
             Follow up task for each group (Google Classroom)
             Mathletics - there are three set tasks this week: mode, median, and mean
             Mathletics - aim to achieve at least 1000 points
             CLIC & BEAT IT challenges (Google Classroom)


English: Read 'Triceratops' text on Giglets and answer reading questions
               Complete a venn diagram to compare dinosaurs (Google Classroom)
               Live lesson (Wednesday 9.30am) - up levelling a non-chronological report
               Follow up task - up level a section of Triceratops text (Google Classroom)
               Spidergram to plan a non-chronological report about Triceratops (Google Classroom)


Welsh: Y tywydd reading comprehension (Google Classroom)
Creative: Create a self-portrait using recyclable materials (Google Classroom)
Music: Music video lesson (Mrs Jones peripatetic teacher) (Google Classroom)
Topic: Part 1 - Explore decomposition rates of different materials (Google Classroom)
            Part 2 - Use your findings to create a poster (Google Classroom on Wednesday)
Welsh Heritage: St. Dwynwen's activity (Google Classroom)
PE: Joe Wickes/Cosmic Yoga/daily exercise (Google Classroom)
Life skill: Help your parents to sort the recycling this week (Google Classroom)


I am looking forward to receiving your wonderful work and photos again this week. I shall see you all very soon at our live. 

Love Mrs Smith xxx


WEEKLY TASKS Commencing Monday 18th January


Good morning Year 6! 

The start of Week 3 of home learning! I was over the moon with your participation in our live lesson last week! 


This morning (Monday)we have our Numeracy Live Lesson at 9.30am. There will be Maths tasks set linked to that lesson! 


I am excited that we are going to also have more live sessions this week:
Tuesday @9.30am: Check in
Wednesday @9.30am: Literacy
Thursday @9.30am: Check in


You should try your very best to attend these sessions and seeing you together (through a screen) makes everything feel better. 


I have attached a reminder of expectations for the live sessions - you were all amazing!

Also attached is our weekly quote to reflect on.


This week's tasks: 
Maths: Live lesson (Monday @9.30am)
             Follow up tasks (Google Classroom)
             Mathletics - set division task
             Mathletics - aim to achieve at least 1000 points
             CLIC & BEAT IT (Google Classroom)


English: Pre-read task (Google Classroom)
               Read Tyrannosaurus Rex (Giglets)
               Complete reading & HOTS questions
               Live lesson (Wednesday @9.30am)
               Spidergram for a non-chronological report (Google Classroom)


RE: Send an email about Jesus' message about unity (Google Classroom)
Science: Healthy Living ABC grid & STEM task (Google Classroom)
Topic: Question creation chart & pupil voice jamboard for Keen to be Green (Google Classroom)
PE: Daily physical exercise - links to Joe Wicks & Cosmic Yoga on Google classroom
Life skill: Make your own lunch one day (send photos or a video)


We have a treat for you all! There will be a link posted on Wednesday for a Techniquest Pantomime!


Cannot wait to see you all very soon online.

Lots of love, 
Mrs Smith xxx



Good morning Y6! 

I hope that you had a lovely weekend - I did lots of walking as it was such beautiful (but freezing) weather!


The main focus for Monday is that you join the live session on Hwb - teams by 9.25am ready for a 9.30am start. You will need a pencil and a piece of paper please. The video reminder is above to help you. You will need you HWB LOGIN!


You will see that there is only 1 Maths task & 1 RE task set so far. This is because after the live session, I would really like you to complete the Maths task set as it links directly to what we will have been learning about. I will put the rest of this week's tasks on at lunchtime today.

An overview of the week is below.


We now know that we are going to be home learning until at least the end of this month. I know that it isn't easy for you all and I really miss your company! I don't want you to worry about anything!  I am always available for a chat so please use the stream on here or if you need to, send me an email. 


Lots of love Mrs Smith xxx


*Attend our live Numeracy lesson on Monday 11th January @9.30am (HWB - Teams)
*Complete written method Maths activity (linked to live session) (Google classroom)
*Grid method task on Purple Mash set as a 2do
*Mathletics - multiplying numbers set task
*Aim to achieve at least 1000 points on Mathletics
*CLIC challenges (Google Classroom)


*Re-read Mistress Owl (Giglets)
*Complete reading test questions (Giglets)
*Answer comprehension questions to develop Higher Order Reading skills (Giglets)
*Plan a diary entry in role as Mistress Owl (Google Classroom)
*Write a diary entry in role as Mistress Owl (Google Classroom)


*RE - an introduction to unity and friendship (Google Classroom)
*PE - be healthy and active (links to Joe Wicks & Cosmic Yoga on Google Classroom)
*Science - Sound slideshow activity and leaflet (Purple Mash 2 do)
*Topic/ICT - create and animate a Victorian Era quiz (Google Classroom)
*Welsh - Y tywydd, create a weather diary (Google Classroom)


WEEKLY TASKS commencing 6th January 2021


Good morning Year 6! 

I hope that you all had a very special Christmas! 


This is definitely not how we wanted to start 2021 with home learning. This is a very important term for your learning in Y6. I know that it is not the same as being in school but I will try my best to ensure that you continue to learn the best you can as you know I have high expectations for each and every one of you.


This isn't reach for those stars and try your very best! I know you will and before we know it, we will be back in our classroom altogether.


I am very excited about 'live learning' next week...I will be teaching you through the screen! More importantly, we will all see each other! I will provide further information about our sessions later this week. 


So back to it...below is a list of tasks for this week.
Please 'turn in' set tasks, share with me, or email. Keep in touch on the 'stream' - I know how much you all love a 'chat'. 


-Maths: Mathletics - mental multiplication task
                                  - aim for at least 1000 points
              Problem Solving Darts Task (Google Classroom)
              CLIC & BEAT IT (Google Classroom)


-English: Giglets - picture prediction (Google Classroom)
                             - read text (Mistress Owl on Giglets)
                             - vocabulary chart for text (Google Classroom)


-Science: Sound task (Google Classroom)


-PSE: New Year Goals (Google Classroom)


-Topic: Victorian Classroom Area and Perimeter (Google Classroom)


I miss you all dearly, 
Love Mrs Smith xxx


Mrs Smith - Welcome to Y6!


Croeso i Blwyddyn 6! Here is our wonderful class page. You will find exciting class news, photographs of our learning and things we’ve done and more. 
Have you seen the Kids’ Zone? Play games and visit some cool websites. You can vote for your favourites.


P.E. day is on a Thursday. Pupils will need to wear to school:

-their school t-shirt

-their school jumper/hoodie

-leggings/tracksuit bottoms



Below are some key dates for Year 6 for the Autumn Term:


05.10.20 - Cycling Proficiency

22.10.20 - Y6 Bishop Hedley Virtual Q & A session



Our topic this term is 'Strict Victorians'. Take a look below at our topic web to find out what we will be learning about.




Key vocabulary will be given out each term and also placed on here, please encourage children to become familiar with the vocabulary and understand what the words mean. It would also benefit your child to practise the spellings of each words. A times table square will be given out, children should practise their times tables facts and improve their recall skills. 


CLIC and Beat it challenges for each level are also below. These number skills are exactly what we work on daily in class.