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Blwyddyn 4 - Mrs Jones, Mrs Lewis & Mrs Thomas


Online Learning during School Closure: 


During our school closure, pupils have a variety of tasks (shown below) to complete online and in their project books.  Purple Mash and Mathletics are also fantastic resources too. I am sure you will make your parents/guardians just as proud as you make me when you're at school.


Well done for another week where you have all worked so hard on your home learning tasks, I really am so proud of you all. 
It was also so nice to see you all in school for another week, I am really missing those who haven't returned to school yet too. 
This week we will be continuing with our home learning but also returning to school in our Bubbles (from Monday to Thursday 9.00 am- 2.00 pm). 
I am very excited to see you again next week. I can't quite believed that this is our last week in Year 4. 
I really am so proud of each and every one of you and hope you enjoy a lovely summer break after working so hard at school and home. 

As we enter our fourteenth week of home learning, I will continue to set weekly tasks.

I will also be checking my emails and our Google Classroom each day!

By the end of this week, you should aim to:
1. Achieve 1000 points in Mathletics and complete the three tasks set this week:- number and place vale to 10000 - partition and rename 2 , fractions - thirds and sixths and measuring length. 


2. Take part in a Joe Wick's (The body coach) P.E. session, Cosmic Kids Yoga or some exercise outside at least twice per week.


3. Read Alien Hotel - Chapter 6 and 7 
It's party time at the alien hotel. But Mr Blazz is the king of party spoilers and he is on the warpath!
Chapter 7
After a mad clean up, it's time Mr Blazz was stopped. And Sally has a genius idea that might just solve everything!


4. Character Comparison
The story has finished, so by now we should know the characters fairly well. Compare Moomoo with Mr Blazz by writing lists of words and phrases to describe each character. Use the middle box for similarities. 


5. Number bonds to 1000 - Complete the number bonds to 1000 and win the race.


6.Growing Germs (Potato Enquiry) Findings 
I loved your photos/videos showing how germs travel. 
We are now going to show our findings from our potato enquiry. 
Take the potatoes from each place (ensure they are still labelled and in their bags). 
Look at them. What do you notice? 

What have you learnt from this experiment?
Why is it important you know this?
How will it change how you do things from now on?

Complete the findings sheet. 


7.I am a hero - We have explored many heroes  this term - heroes in our community, heroes at work, at home and superheroes. 
However, you are all my heroes too. You have worked so hard and helped your family too while at home. 
I would like you to tell me what makes you a hero (think of your qualities, what you have done to help at home etc.)
I will look forward to seeing them. 


8. A letter to my future self - Imagine in 10 years time you can read a letter written by you during this year 2020. Write a letter to your future self, include your best memories of Year 4, time at home during lockdown and any other important information. You can always write on paper or print and put it in an envelope for yourself to open in 2030. I can't wait to read them. Example of information to include in letter - I am 9 years old and really have had the most extraordinary year. I am currently in Year 4 and have been learning from home since March because of Covid 19, it has been very special to have so much family time but difficult at times too, especially missing all of my friends and family. Do you remember clapping for the NHS? That is one of my favourite memories from 2020. I hope that I am still in touch with some of my lovely friends from St. Mary's.


9. Access Charanga using log-in that Mrs Jones gave you in our trombone sessions. Mrs Jones is still very pleased that so many of you are logging on, well done.


10. Do one thing daily to make someone smile at home - make your bed, help with the dishes etc.


I miss you all so much and I am really proud of everything that you are doing at home. Please keep in touch on google classroom and remember to keep smiling and helping at home. Love Mrs Jones x



                           Summer Topic - We are Heroes


Home Learning Awards


Week 4 - Our home learning award this week goes to Noah O' Niell for a fantastic range of work. Ardderchog Noah. I was very impressed with the tasks I set but also all of the other activities you completed including your lego character comic and your minibeast hotel. 

Well done for running with Mam and for clapping for the NHS and keyworkers too. 



Home Learning Award - 1st May 2020

Week 5 - Our home learning award this week for Blwyddyn 4 is awarded to Grace Pinkerton.
Grace worked very hard this week and sent me lovely emails and photos to accompany her work too. I loved your heroic pet movie poster and all of your VE day decorations. Well done Grace - Bendigedig! 

7th May 2020

Week 6 - Our Home Learner award for this week is awarded to Hayden Freeman-Clarke. I loved your superhero profile and all of your messages on Google Classroom. Your P.E.circuit was fantastic and I loved your research for your Pentecost tasks too. 
Very proud of you and all of your hard work. Ardderchog Hayden! 

15th May 2020

Week 7 - Our Home Learning Award for this week is awarded to Marcelina. 


I am very proud of how hard you are working, how well you are communicating with me and the effort you put into every task that you complete. 


Ardderchog Marcelina. 

22nd May 2020

Week 8 - 

Our home learning award this week is awarded to Rio. 

I am very proud of the effort that you put into each and every task. 

I loved your superhero smoothie and top trump cards too. 


Mrs Jones 

5th June 2020

Week 9 - Our home learning award is awarded to Victor. 

Your rocket launch really was out of this world and your map of life to guide others was so thoughtful, bendigedig! 

Mrs Jones 

12th June 2020

Week 10 - I am pleased to say that Howie is awarded with our home learning award for this week. 
I absolutely loved your space-themed biscuits and your diary entry of the first moon landing was very impressive - your organisation and vocabulary was fantastic. 
I am very proud of you, bendigedig. 
Mrs Jones

19th June 2020

Week 11 - This week, it was too difficult for me to give just one home learning award so I have had to choose two. 
Our first home learning award goes to Xavier for fantastic independent writing for his Welsh description and his special memory jar, I absolutely loved it. 
Our second home learning award goes to Erin for an excellent Welsh description of her family and an amazing memory jar, it was very special. 
Ardderchog to you both, I am very proud of you. 
Mrs Jones 

26th June 2020

Week 12 - Our home learning award for this week is awarded to Ben Walstow. 

I absolutely loved your writing showing why you admired your Dad and you always put 100% effort into all of your tasks. 

Bendigedig Ben , I am very proud of you. 

Mrs Jones 


3rd July 2020

Week 13 - I am so pleased to share that Erica has been awarded with our Home Learning Award for this week. Your video to show how germs travel was excellent and you always put 100% effort into all tasks. I am very proud of you. Bendigedig, Mrs Jones

10th July 2020

As part of our Space heroes tasks this week, I thought you may be interested in 'The
Children's astronomy session: Asteroids around other stars!' hosted by the Institute of Astronomy Cambridge.
Tomorrow from 15.00-14.00, link is shown below.

Request by Year 4 for Cosmic Kids Yoga Disco | Washing Machine Song!



Spring Term Topic - Keep Calm and Carry On 

 Autumn Term Topic - Eureka!  

Some information to remember!

Please send your child's reading book into school every day.


P.E. day is Friday and for this Half Term we will be developing our team-building skills! The children will need to bring outdoor P.E. kit.

Contact Mrs Jones

If you are unsure of anything, please don't hesitate to contact me.