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One Snowy Night

We are continuing this week  with the mini theme 'Winter'. 

This week our focus will be on 'Animal in Winter'. 


Click on the link below to listen to the story 'One Snowy Night' by Nick Butterworth.

After reading the story ask your parents to help you answer some of the questions. 


-Why didn't Percy mind being outside in the  at winter?

-What does Percy wear to keep him warm?

-Where does Percy live?

-Who was the first animal to knock on Percy's door? 

-Who was the second animal?

-Who was the third animal?

-What animal came up from the floor boards?



Think about the character of Percy. 

He liked to help the animals. 

He fed them his lunch. 

He let them into his home to keep away from the cold. 

He let them share his bed. 


So what kind of man was Percy? Was he cruel or was he kind? Was he loving or was he nasty? What other words can you think of that are similar to kind and loving that would describe Percy?


Draw a large picture of Percy using the picture below to help you and think of as many words as you can to describe the kind of person that he was?

Mark make/ Use Fred talk to write the words to describe his character or you can send us a simple video where you can show us the picture of Percy and you can tell us all about his character. 

I have included a character word sheet at the bottom that you could use with your child to think of ways to describe the character of Percy.

When writing, use the sentence starter  Percy is..............................



Act out the story

This is a very important activity to do.

It is needed to help you to complete the final activity after this one.

Listen to the animated video of the story below.

After listening to the story click on the powerpoint. 


Now you can either print out the puppets/masks below or use our voice to act out the story of 'One Snowy Night'. 

Remember to collect some props from around the house. 

Remember to try to change your voice to sound like the characters. 


Video your final piece and send to myself. I cannot wait to see your brilliant performances. 

Have fun!!!!!!!!



You will now need to retell the story in your own words. 

When retelling you need to think about these words: what happened first, next, after that and finally. 


You can draw the pictures from the story to represent the order of the story and try to write a simple sentence or words. 


So think about the story. 

What happened at the beginning?

Where was Percy? 

What was he doing? 

Where did he go after? 


Think about now what happened next. 

Where was Percy and who knocked at the door first, second, third and finally. 


Think about now what happened after that. 

Where were all the animals?

Why were they scared?


Think about what happened last. 

Where were all the animals?

Where was Percy?

Who was with him?


Use the template as an example. This will be too small for you to print out. 

Draw your pictures on large paper and write underneath. 

Send your work to myself. I cannot wait to see them.