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Congratulations to these pupils...

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Blwyddyn Tri's Home Learning Award goes to Marcel who wrote a brilliant diary entry from the viewpoint of one of Jesus' disciples.  You included colourful descriptions and used your senses to develop your account.  You clearly put a lot of time and effort into this writing Marcel because it was very enjoyable to read.  Da iawn Marcel!
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Blwyddyn Tri's Home Learner Award goes to Kate who has been very busy doing lots of interesting outdoor activities  as well as keeping up with her home learning tasks. Kate, you are receiving this award today because you created a very powerful presentation all about real life heroes - one in particular - your mother!  I enjoyed learning about your mother's role within the NHS.  Da iawn Kate!
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Blwyddyn Tri's first Home Learner of the Week Award goes to Rowan for being a Maths genius with his Maths tasks as well as completing Mathletics challenges to the best of his ability.  I am so proud to hear that you are trying really hard to make excellent progress in your activities - and I am delighted to see how many certificates you are earning - especially achieving Gold.  Da iawn Rowan!