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8th March 2021

Good morning my lovely Year 4,


This is an exciting week as it is National Science Week so lots of our activities will be focusing on Science and we will be having lots of fun while completing the tasks too. 

This week is our last week of home learning. I am incredibly proud of each and every one of you and would like to say a big thank you to your parents for all of their support and commitment too. Our last day of home learning and live lessons is on Thursday as I will be in school on Friday preparing for your return.  I am so excited to see you face to face next Monday 15th Year 4.


We have 4 live sessions this week. We have a treat Wednesday afternoon with a live session from Dwr Cymru linked to our Science Week too. 

The days and times are shown below:

Monday - English Session 10.30 a.m. - Formal letter writing to Ben or Louise 
Tuesday - Maths Session 10.30 a.m. - Place value of 3-digit and 4-digit numbers 
Wednesday - 1.30 a.m. Water Efficiency Dwr Cymru 
Thursday - Wellbeing Catch-up 10.30 a.m. Preparing for our return to school 

If you need any help with your log-in details or any of the activities, please let me know.


Well done to Jasmina for being presented with the home learning award last week. Your creativity really shone in our activities linked to St. David's Day and World Book Day. I am very proud of you. Ardderchog! 


I am available Monday until Thursday from 9.00 a.m. - 3.30 p.m. to reply to your messages or e-mails and mark your fantastic work. If you message me or send your work after this time, I may not reply until the next morning. Try not to complete your tasks too late in the evenings, it is really important for you to have special time with your family too.


The majority of activities will be set on Monday for you to choose when you would like to complete them. Your Maths follow-up task will be set after our live lesson on Tuesday. 


English Tasks - Formal Letter

* Write your formal letter to either Ben (Cyfarthfa) or Louise (National Museum Wales) to thank them for our live sessions. Remember to include your formal language and check our powerpoint/ checklist to ensure that you have included all of the features that you need too. 
We will then send your letters to either Ben or Louise when we return to school (Google Classroom). 



* Mathletics - Place value to thousands 

* Purple Mash - Place value in 4-digit thousands 

* Try to complete these tasks if possible before our live session on Tuesday.  After our live session, I will set two tasks linked to place value (wordsearch - finding the numbers inside the grid and place value task). 


 * Science Week 

- Frayer model - Innovate - This year's theme for Science week is 'Innovating for the future'. Create your frayer model to show the meaning of the word 'innovate'. 

- Create a poster - It's time to get creative and enter the poster competition. There will also be a prize for the best poster in each class. 
This year's theme is 'Innovating for the future' - what could you include in your poster? What invention would you like to make? You could link it to our task - a lunch box that keeps your food cool all day. 

It doesn't have to be linked to our tasks, you can create your poster on any new invention that you think the world is needing. 

Think about the presentation of your poster. Give your invention a name, include detail explaining how it works and why it is needed. Be persuasive, be bold, be colourful! I can't wait to see all of your inventions (Google Classroom) . 

- Science Investigation Task 1 

You will need to put your figurines or objects into the water and allow it to turn into ice.
Can you find an insulator that keeps the ice cold? This could be used for the lining of our lunchboxes to keep our packed lunches cool too.
Complete the first task before completing the investigation to show what you already know, what you are trying to find out, what you are going to observe and what you will need (Google Classroom).

- Science Investigation Task 2 

When your figurines/objects are frozen inside of your water/ice. Take them our of the freezer, wrap the materials around them (they will need to be the same size for it to be a fair test).
Remember to leave one with no insulation too.
Observe them in regular time intervals and record your findings too (ice not melted at all, beginning to melt, all ice melted etc). I have attached a table but you can create your own or adapt.
I have also set a graph in purple mash to show how long each ice cube takes to melt (with each material as insulation - Google Classroom).

- Science Investigation Task 3 

After you have completed your investigation. Write a method to show someone else what they would need to do if they were repeating this investigation.
Remember to use your bossy verbs too - First, collect all of your equipment etc.

Describe what you have found out from your investigation and why you think that has happened (Google Classroom).

* Purple Mash - How do we use water - Think about how you use water at home. 
Complete the task to show the different ways you use water at home. Think about how we can try to reduce the amount of water that we use as you are completing the task. 

- Saving Water - Without water, we could not survive, so it is increasingly important that we take care of this important natural resource.

I would like you to create a water saving promise about how you are going to save water at home and school. You can create this promise in any way you want. It could be in the form of a poster (incuding a drawing of your home or your family), leaflet, video or even a song, the choice is yours.

Make sure your promise is creative and interesting to help get the message across!
Think about:
• What changes you will make to save water? • How you will encourage others to save water? • How this will help our planet? (Google Classroom) 

*Music - Mrs Jones and Mrs Russell are really proud of you all and how well you have engaged with the Music sessions online.  Here is the 2nd session of this half-term's sessions of our 'Lean on me' unit for you to enjoy.
I would love to hear what you have learnt or enjoyed most about the session. (Google Classroom)
Mrs Jones is continuing to set tasks on Charanga for you too.

Preparing for our return to school 


* I will set a task after our live sesson on Thursday linked to what we are looking forward to or any concerns/questions that we have linked to our return to school. 


* Ti'n Seren - You really all are my stars. I would like you to complete the Google Slides to show how you are proud of yourself too (Google Classroom). 

Remember to continue to spend quality time with your family and try to help at home where you can too. 

If having to stay at home has taught us anything, it really is how important our family are to us. Share your special memories, watch a film, read a book.
It is also important to still exercise when you can too, so if it's dry - go for a walk, ride a bike with an adult, try Cosmic kids yoga or Joe Wicks.

Enjoy these special moments with your family this week and I can't wait to welcome you back to school next Monday. 
I am very excited to receive your amazing work in our last week of home learning and of course to see all of your smiling faces in our live sessions.
Remember to keep being the best that you can be Year 4!

Mrs Jones x