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6th Jan

Happy New Year Blwyddyn Dau!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed spending time with your families.

I am hoping 2021 is going to be a great and exciting year for all of us!

Sadly, we are unable to return to school at the moment and I am really disappointed to not see you and hear all about the fun you've had over the last couple of weeks!


Until we return to school, I have set some activities for you to do at home.  Do not forget to logon to Seesaw for some fun activities. If you need help to logon to Seesaw please message me. Can you all write a quick hello to me so I am able to see if you can all still access Google Classroom.

Take care and lots of love from Mrs Jones😊 xxxx

6th January 2021

Bore da Year 2!
I have set some fun tasks to get you into the new school term. 
The tasks I have set are on Seesaw. I will upload a new task daily. 
Can you please watch the Ruth Miskin RWI lessons (YouTube) daily from home as this is what we are learning in class. Children will be learning from Set 2 sounds. If your child knows Set 2 sounds they will need to move onto Set 3.  Also there is another video after the new sound learnt which is spelling. This is useful as this will help your child spell the words with the new sound. (If you need to know what sounds to learn please email me). 

See link below

1: Boggle- to find as many words as you can. You can write the words down on paper and send me a picture. I wonder how many words you will find/make?
2: To write and record your message about  your favorite part of the Christmas holidays. Think about interesting vocabulary, punctuation in your sentences and ordering what you did. 
3: Make a list of the some wishes to make the world better in 2021.
4: A word search
5: RWI daily sessions and Spelling
6: Some form of exercise- Joe Wicks, Cosmic Kids Yoga, a walk with your family. 

I am looking forward to seeing all of your lovely work and hearing about what you have enjoyed over the Christmas holidays.
lots of love Mrs Jones 😊xxx


Good morning year 2!

I have added a book for you to read on Gigglets today. If you are finding the book difficult you can press on the sound button to listen to the story and talk about the book with your parents. What is happening? How are they feeling? Why are they feeling like this? Why did this happen? How would you deal with this situation? etc.


Some of you will also have questions to answer at the end of your book. I have also set a simple math's task on Seesaw for you. It has been lovely to see your videos and see your lovely faces.

Miss you all! Love Mrs Jones xxxx