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25th January 2020

Morning my lovely Year 4, 


I am really looking forward to seeing you again online this morning. 

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and had lots of fun in the snow,  I am looking forward to hearing all about it. 


We have 4 live sessions again this week. The days and times are shown below:

- Monday - English Session 10.30 a.m.
- Tuesday - Wellbeing catch-up 10.30 a.m. 
- Thursday - Maths Session 9.30 a.m.
- Friday - Wellbeing catch-up 9.30 a.m. 


If you need any help with your log-in details or any of the activities, please let me know. 


Well done to Oskar for having our home learning award for his excellent effort in every task, especially his fantastic step-by-step instructions to create his lego heart. 

I am available every day from 9.00 a.m. - 3.30 p.m. to reply to your messages or e-mails and mark your fantastic work. If you message me or send your work after this time, I may not reply until the next morning (or Monday if it is on the weekend).  Try not to complete your tasks too late or on the weekend, it is really important for you to have special time with your family too. 


Here are our tasks for this week: 

English - 

* Snow day - I would love for you to tell me all about your fun in the snow yesterday. 
Add some photos too if you can, it really was a perfect winter's day. 
Today (Monday) is also meant to be very cold. Why not try to make some frozen bubbles (take your bubble solution outside) or winter ice jewels (fill a balloon with coloured water - water and food colouring, paint etc.and leave outside.) Google Classroom 

* St. Dwynwen True/False facts will be set after our live English session (Google Classroom). . 

* St Dwynwen's biscuits - Today,  Monday 25th is St. Dwynwen's Day. I would love for you to make some biscuits/cupcakes to show someone that you love them. I have attached a suggested recipe but I would love to see yours too if you have any other recipes.
Make your biscuit/cupcake and create a recipe to show others how they could make it too. 
Afterwards, maybe you can help your parent to tidy up and wash the dishes. 
I would love to see some photos (Google Classroom). 

* Imperative (Bossy) Verbs wordsearch - Can you find the bossy verbs in this wordsearch? 
I would love for you to create your own sentences with them too (Google Classroom). 

* Today is St. Dwynwen's Day, it would be lovely if you could create a heart and display it in your window to make people in your community smile. I would love to see some photos too. 

*Now that you are confident with the story of St. Dwynwen. 
Use the link to Google forms to answer the questions linked to the story. (Google forms - link on classroom) 


Maths -

* I will set a task linked to our times tables before (on Wednesday) and after our live Maths session this week (Google Classroom). 

* CLIC Week 2 - Remember to complete as many questions as you can. 
I am looking forward to receiving your excellent efforts from this week (Google Classroom). 

* Beat-that Week 2 - I am so impressed with your effort and scores from last week. Remember to give yourself 60 seconds and I will look forward to seeing how well you do with Week 2 (Google Classroom). 

*Mathletics - Try to achieve 1000 points this week. Complete tasks - groups of 2, 5 and 10. 

*Purple Mash - 2 race - 2, 5 and 10 times tables games.


Science - 
*Ask an adult to sit with you to complete the footprint calculator. 
What things do we do well? 
What can we do to improve? 
Create a poster to show people the importance of reducing our global footprint to help the environment (Google Classroom).  


R.E. - 
* Create an information page on our Parish (St. Mary's Church) Community. 
It would be lovely to include/draw a picture of the church too. 
What is the name of the local parish?
Where is the parish church?
What is the name of the parish priest?
What does the local parish do to spread the Good News? 
How does the school and parish link up?
Why is the local parish community important?
(Google Classroom) 


Welsh - 
* We have looked at a variety of different weather types in Welsh. Today, we are going to look at different clothes that we can wear and their colours. 
Explore the powerpoint on different clothes and draw and label a person (creating an outfit for them and labelling the clothes that they are wearing - try to include the colours too) Google Classroom. 


Music - 
* Mrs Russell was really pleased with how much you enjoyed her music session last week. Here is session 2 for you this week. I would love to hear from you again to find out what your favourite part of the session was and anything that you learnt from the session (Google Classroom). Mrs Jones is still setting you tasks on Charanga too. 


Remember to spend quality time with your family and try to do something to help at home, especially helping with the dishes this week. 
If having to stay at home has taught us anything, it really is how important our family are to us. Share your special memories, watch a film, read a book. 
It is also important to still exercise when you can too, so if it's dry - go for a walk, ride a bike with an adult, try Cosmic kids yoga or Joe Wicks. 


Enjoy these special moments with your family and I will look forward to us all being back together in class when we can be. I am very excited to receive your amazing work and of course to see all of your smiling faces in our live sessions this week. Keep being the best that you can be Year 4, 


Mrs Jones x 

Mrs Jones x