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1st March 2021

Good morning my lovely Year 4,


Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus!  Happy St. David's Day to you all!

I am really looking forward to celebrating St. David's Day with you today in our catch-up at 10.30 a.m. Wear your Welsh costumes, rugby shirts or red, white and green if possible. 
I hope you have all had time to enjoy the sunshine with your families this weekend, it really has been beautiful. 

We have 5 live sessions this week.  Remember we can also dress up as our favourite book character in our World Book Day catch-up on Thursday too. 
The days and times are shown below:


Monday - St. David's Day Session 10.30 a.m.
Tuesday - Discovering Art with National Museum Wales 11.00 a.m. 
Wednesday - English Session (Formal letters) 10.30 a.m. 
Thursday - World Book Day Session 10.30 a.m. 
Friday - Maths Session (Multiplication and division) 10.30 a.m. 


You continue to make me so proud each week Year 4 and hopefully we will be back in our classroom to see each other face to face very soon. 

If you need any help with your log-in details or any of the activities, please let me know.


Well done to Filip for being award the home learning award last week. You are a delight in our live sessions and you consistently put 100% effort into all online learning tasks too. I loved your thaumatrope, welsh cakes and love spoon this week. Bendigedig Filip! 


I am available every day from 9.00 a.m. - 3.30 p.m. to reply to your messages or e-mails and mark your fantastic work. If you message me or send your work after this time, I may not reply until the next morning (or Monday if it is on the weekend). Try not to complete your tasks too late or on the weekend, it is really important for you to have special time with your family too.


This week it is St. David's Day, World Book Day and we will continue our topic 'Wild and Wonderful Wales'. I will set activities on Monday as normal, our English tasks will be set after our live session on Wednesday, World book day activities on Thursday and then I will set your Maths activity after our live lesson on Friday. Complete your Mathletics and Purple Mash multipication and division activities before Friday if possible please. 


English Tasks - Formal Letters (set after live lesson on Wednesday) 

* Formal and informal language - Choose vocabulary to turn the informal language into formal language. Write a sentence using each of the formal vocabulary that we can use in our formal letters to thank Ben (Cyfarthfa park) or Louise (National Museum) for their live sessions.


* Read the frayer model on the word 'history'. What does it tell us about the word?
We are going to create our own frayer model on the word 'inform' to explore the meaning of the word. We are going to be using these frequently online and when we are back in class to help us improve our understanding of the meaning of unfamiliar words - Google Classroom. 


World Book Day activites (set after our live session on Thursday) 

* Book Review - Use your favourite book that you brought to our live session and create a book review to encourage other people to read it too - Google Classroom. 

* The Masked Reader - You may have watched the Masked Singer on the TV recently. 
Today, we have for you 'The Masked Reader'. You have to read the clues and guess the celebrities reading the books, you then have to read the clues and try to guess the books that they are reading too. 
After you have done this, you are going to choose one celebritiy and one book and use clues to see if your family and I can guess your Masked Reader and the book that they are reading too - Google Classroom. 



* Mathletics - Groups of 3 and dividing by 3

* Purple Mash - Division using 2, 5 and 10 (2 race - single and mixed format) 


* Try to complete all of these tasks if possible before our live session on Friday. After our live session, I will set a task linked to multiplication (sets of) and division (sharing between). 


* St. David's Day - Recap the powerpoint of St. David. On the powerpoint from our live session today, there are lots of suggestions of how to celebrate St. David's Day with your family. I would love to see photos of any tasks that you complete or you dressed up in your St. David's costume, rugby shirt or red, white and green (Google Classroom). 


* Read the story of St. David. and complete the questions to show your understanding of the story (Google forms). 


* Welsh Myths - Read the powerpoint of the story of the legend 'Lady in the Lake'. 


* Compete the wordsearch with vocabulary linked to the story (Google Classroom). 


* Create a diorama based on the setting of the Lady of the Lake story.
You could create the scene out of Lego or you can use a range of household materials (including recyclable materials) to build the scene inside a box (Google Classroom).


*R.E. - Read Church's story and think about what happens at the gathering of the Eucharist. 

Why do you think it is necessary to have an introduction at the beginning of the Eucharist?
What is carried in procession at the start of the Eucharist and why do you think these symbols are used?
Why does the priest kiss the altar?
Who does the priest represent?
What does the Sign of the Cross signify at the start of the Eucharist?

After listening to and reading the words of the gathering hymn - John Burland’s Gather together. Write your own additional verse to the hymn (Google Classroom). 


* Science - In Science, we have been exploring how we can create a more sustainable world. Use photos to show the different materials that you are recycling.
Create a graph on purple mash to show the number of each material thats you recycle. What does the graph show you? Which material do you recycle the most/least items of? (Purple Mash). 


* Welsh 
You have been fantastic creating your menu for your cafe and choosing the food that you would like. 
Complete your food diary to show what you would like to have for breakfast, dinner and tea (Google Classroom). 


*Music - Mrs Jones and Mrs Russell are really pleased with how much you are enjoying the music sessions online. Here is the 1st session of this half-term's sessions of our 'Lean on me' unit for you to enjoy. 
I would love to hear what you learnt or enjoyed most about the session. (Google Classroom)
Mrs Jones is continuing to set tasks on Charanga for you too. 


Remember to spend quality time with your family and try to do something to help at home too. 
If having to stay at home has taught us anything, it really is how important our family are to us. Share your special memories, watch a film, read a book.
It is also important to still exercise when you can too, so if it's dry - go for a walk, ride a bike with an adult, try Cosmic kids yoga or Joe Wicks.

Enjoy these special moments with your family and I will look forward to us all being back together in our classroom very soon.
I am very excited to receive your amazing work again this week and of course to see all of your smiling faces in our live sessions. 
Remember to keep being the best that you can be Year 4!

Mrs Jones x