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11th January 2020

Morning Year 4, 


I am so proud of how hard you have all worked last week and it is even more exciting this week with our live learning session at 10.00 a.m. on Wednesday. Make sure you all have your Hwb log-ins, have watched the video from Mr Stickler and can access the page on teams before then. It really will be so lovely to see you all - Don't panic and any problems, we will sort it out together! 


Well done to Marcel for receiving our Home learning award for his excellent effort when completing all of the activities last week. 


I am available every day from 9.00 a.m. - 3.30 p.m. to reply to your messages or e-mails and mark your fantastic work. If you message me or send your work after this time, I may not reply until the next morning (or Monday if it is on the weekend).  Try not to complete your tasks too late or on the weekend, it is really important for you to have special time with your family too. 


* Picture Prediction - 'Week of Weather' text  (Google Classroom) 
Look at the picture of the front cover of our text for this week. 
Write questions that you think we could find the answers to when we read the book.
Create a prediction - What do you think will happen in the book?  - I predict that...


* Listen to the theme music and read the text 'A week of weather' - Eilidh and Seumas like to play together. They have to make the most of the weather conditions but sometimes it is better to stay inside.
Complete the 'Reading questions' linked to the text. - Giglets. 


* Go for a walk (part of your daily exercise) with your family and think about the objects/things that you see that tell us that it is Winter. (What is the weather like? How does this change things at this time of year? - frosty rooftops, ice on lakes, robins etc. What do people wear?) 
Take photos if possible and upload , if the weather is wet this week (as the forecast is  showing) and you are unable to go for a walk. Maybe you have photos that you have taken from the last few weeks. You can also search for them on the internet if needed. (Google Classroom) 


* ABC Vocabulary grid - After reading the text and going for a walk/looking at photos, think about vocabulary/words that we can use linked to winter - bitter, chilly, earmuffs, frost, gloves, robin, slippery etc. 


*Negative numbers task -  Purple Mash 


* Romans task - Look at the Roman Life slideshow and explore important aspects of life for them. Using this, create information pages on Purple Mash. 


* Roman Mosaic - The floors of Roman buildings were often richly decorated with mosaics - tiny coloured stones. Many mosaics captured scenes of history and everyday Roman life. Mosaic floors were a statement of wealth and importance. 
Create your own symmetrical mosaic (Purple Mash).


* Welsh weather (Google Classroom) - Use the powerpoint/book to recap the different types of weather in Welsh. Create a weather diary - Google Classroom. 


* R.E. - Our new R.E. topic is called 'Community'. 
Read 'The Castleford Estate' story. 
What do you think happened next in the story?
Why was the Castleford estate a happy place to live?
What important people have we got in our community?  What jobs do they do? How do they help us? 


*Mathletics - Pick the next number, count forwards and count backwards (patterns).


*Charanga - choose tasks to complete that have been set by Mrs Jones. 


* I will be setting a Maths task linked to temperature after our live session on Wednesday and another writing task linked to our weather/winter activities on Thursday. 


* Spend quality time with your family and do something to help at home, e.g. tidy your bedroom, help with the dishes, cook a meal with an adult etc.

If having to stay at home has taught us anything, it really is how important our family are to us. Share your special memories, watch a film, read a book. 
It is also important to still exercise when you can too, so if it's dry maybe try go for a walk, ride a bike with an adult, try Cosmic kids yoga or Joe Wicks. 

Enjoy these special moments with your family and I will look forward to us all being back together in class when we can be. I am very excited to receive your amazing work and of course to see all of your smiling faces on Wednesday. 


Mrs Jones x