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Rights Respecting School

November - Article 19 - The Right to be safe.

We have been enjoying the right to be safe on Bonfire Night.  We have been learning about Remembrance Sunday.  

October - Article 15 - The Right to join groups.

We have been enjoying the right to join new after school clubs, such as Boris the Bookworm and Chess.  We have formed a new School Council and Eco Committee.

St. Mary's Catholic Primary School is a Level 1 Rights Respecting School

We are the Rights Respecting Ambassadors

We are the Rights Respecting Ambassadors 1

Here are some of our class charters.

We are incredibly proud to achieve Level 1 in the Rights Respecting School Award.  These are some of the things we have done in our Rights Respecting journey during the last 12 months. 

* Written letters to Prime Minister Theresa May to complain about poverty not just in Merthyr but round the world - Article 12 - Right to give your opinion.

* Created class charters - Article 28 - Right to an education.

*Held a Harvest festival as part of our CAFOD work to support families in our area through Merthyr foodbank - Article 24 - Right to food, water and healthcare.

* Attend mass at St. Mary's church every Wednesday to celebrate - Article 14 - The right to follow your own religion.

*Celebrate St. David's day by enjoying performances in art, singing, dancing, music and poetry - Article 7 - Right to a name and nationality.

* Present information to Governors, pupils and parents - Article 12 - The Right to be heard and share opinions.



Article 24: The Right to have access to healthy food and water